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    • Sonja: You cannot take anything for granted-go into everything as if it were your last gig. Never get disappointed because something will come your way.

    • Sonja: If the Canadian film industry were any healthier it would have to be poisoned to stop it from devouring weaker industries.

    • Sonja: The most important thing that I want is to continue to do things that challenge me and fulfil me in some way. I don't have a clear idea yet whether that will be film or television or stage.

    • Sonja: I guess I'm eternally a pessimist, or maybe it's my way of guarding myself against disappointment, but I've taken all this with a minimum of excitement. I guess I'm scared of the fall. I'm just trying to keep grounded.

    • Sonja: Film festivals are extremely important. Without them, we'd have to pay for our food and drink.

    • Sonja: Sometimes it's hard to see things right in front of your eyes.

    • Sonja: (on preparing for a role) That was hard for me because I'm very anal. I like to prepare a lot and in TV you have to throw that out the window.

    • Sonja: I'm not much of a party girl.