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  • Even though not super fun to watch, Sonja's incredible kindness will be remembered.

    I can't help but give Sonja a decent score because of her incredible kindness. She also seemed entertaining to the other contestants on Borneo as she played music and sang for them.
    When Sonja fell during the first Immunity Challenge of the very first Survivor it almost makes you feel bad. I mean how could the nicest person of the season be voted out first? Well maybe I would have voted her out too because she did cause the loss for Tagi. But on the other hand you need people around to brighten up the day. However, Sonja did not seem like a very fun person to watch, as she appeared TOO nice and did not seem to have one coniving bone in her body. Oh well, she is one to be missed as her great smile and grandmotherly care for others will be remembered in years to come.