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Sonjay Dutt

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This high-flying aerial artist from India made a huge splash in TNA by winning the X Triple Chance Tournament in 2003. After nearly winning the X gold, Dutt earned the honor of being a member of Team NWA in the Americas X Cup Tournament against Mexico's AAA promotion.…more


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  • Extremely talented wrestler with a great reputation for putting on great matches.

    It makes me laugh that HHH and people like Cena are called great wrestlers those guys. You haven't seen exciting wrestlers until you see high flying guys like Benoit, Sonjay Dutt, Eddie Guerrero, Petey Williams, or Homicide in action.

    You want great wrestling that's the way to go. These guys can put on matches that will you have saying "Damn!!"

    Sonjay Dutt can do it all. He's wrestled in ROH, TNA, AAA, overseas. He's held the Divison X Title, Triple Crown. Recently I saw match with him against Petey Williams (UWF-TNA show) and it was outstanding. This guy does so many moves at once it's breathtaking. Unfortunately recently he has been jobbing a lot putting over people like Samoa Joe but make no bones about it, Sonjay Dutt is an exciting wrestler to watch.moreless