Sonny Bono

Sonny Bono


2/16/1935, Detroit, Michigan



Birth Name

Salvatore Philip Bono



Also Known As

Ronny Sommers, Sonny Christie, Prince Carter
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Sonny Bono (born February 16, 1935) was a recording artist, actor and politician who first came to fame in the 1960s. He got his start in the music industry working for the legendary producer Phil Spector, before forming a pop duo with his wife, Cher. Sonny and Cher…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Sonny married Mary Whitake in Febuary 1986. They were married until Sonny's death on January 5, 1998. He left two children from the marriage to Mary, Chesare Elan and Chianna Maria.

    • Sonny acknowledged an illegitimate son, Sean, born in 1964 from an affair with Mimi Machu while married to Cher.

    • Sonny married Donna Rankin in 1954. They divorced in 1962. They had one child, daughter Christy Bono.

    • Sonny married Susie Coelho in 1981. They divorced in 1984. They had no children together.

    • Sonny died at the age of 62.

    • Sonny was in the Republican party.

    • When Ex-Wife Cher auctioned off hundreds of outfits, jewelry, props and dozens of other types of things from her carreer she kept Sonny's piano because she didn't sell anything "she couldn't live without".

    • Despite having never casting a vote in his life, Sonny won the mayorship of Palm Springs by the widest margin in history.

    • Sonny became a Scientologist, but he claimed to still be Roman Catholic on all official documents, campaign materials, websites, etcetera, perhaps because of the negative connotations of Scientology.

    • Sonny married Cher on October 27 1964 and divorced on June 26 1975. They had one child, Chastity Bono.

    • Sonny Bono joined the long list of celebrities lampooned by South Park. It happened in episode 70 entitled "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow."

    • Sonny served as the mayor of Palm Springs, California.

    • Sonny was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994.

  • Quotes

    • Sonny: (Bono told the Washington Press Club Foundation shortly after taking office in January 1995). The last thing in the world I thought I would be is a U.S. congressman, given all the bobcat vests and Eskimo boots I used to wear.

    • Sonny: You're just borrowing (fame). It's like money. You're going to die, and somebody else is going to get it.

  • Sonny was the best there was -- not Chere. Uhh, I said Chere again, I meant Cher.

    Really, I think Cher thought she was, \'all that\' and the more talented person on The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour but, she was wrong. Sonny, who usually goes alongs with her \'jokes\', is the more talented co-star. But, that is just my opinion. I have no hate towards people who like Cher better, but I like Sonny better. But I can understand. Cher is the star and has a lot of good songs I like, but Sonny is better. Though people can be harsh to him sometimes, like mostly Cher, he takes it well, though it\'s acting. But the jokes are still real mean. They\'re meaner than jokes made at my school! Gosh! I\'m just so sad Sonny died. I\'m crying . . .moreless
  • Forget Cher, Sonny Bono was where the talent was

    Sonny Bono was not just a fine actor, singer & songwriter but my congressman and fine gentleman. As my congressman, I had the pleasure of meeting him and working with him on a personal matter. Sonny Bono was always a class act and took a lot of abuse during his marriage to Cher. While some of it may have been deserved there was plenty of abuse that wasn't. When it came to talent, Sonny was by the far the more talented of the duo. I am sorry to see that TVLand decided to stop showing classic shows such as Sonny & Cher in favor of sitcoms from the 80's.moreless