Sonny Shroyer

Sonny Shroyer


8/28/1935, Valdosta, Georgia, USA

Birth Name

Otis B. Shroyer Jr.


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He was born in a small town on the Florida-Georgia border. He got a football scholarship to Florida State University, but his career was cut short by an injury. He finished his education at the University of Georgia. He is best known for his role of Enos Strate…more


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  • Good actor...

    Sonny Shroyer is another one of my favorite Tv actors. As most people know him for his role on the Dukes of hazzard. He played Enos Strate the Clumsy deputy who was also honest. I think that he played that role really well. he was in a little bit of season three of the dukes then he left and did a spinoff called Enos. I guess that never did very well, but I have never seen it. I really liked it when he was in forest Gump, he played the football coach and when he saw forest running across the field he said "That must be one of the stupidest Son of a B-cth's I ever saw, But he sure can run fast". That is one of my favorite lines ever and it is pretty funny to. Hopefully we can see sonny in some show in the future. Later...moreless
  • This is the Biography of Sonny Shroyer.

    Sonny Shroyer was born in Valdosta, Georgia,

    a small town on the Georgia-Florida border. Shroyer, whose

    given name is Otis Burt Shroyer Jr.,

    grew up steeped in the traditions of the deep South.

    He worked in the tobacco warehouses pushing tobacco buggies

    and helped his father in their fruit stand-ice cream parlor business.