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  • Trivia

    • According to the DVD extras on FullMetal Alchemist Volume 13, Sonny became the choice for voicing Maes Hughes when, after he had finished his audition, he casually quoted Hughes' line: "Sorry, I have to go home to my wife and daughter."

    • Will be doing the voice of Usopp in the 2007 Redub of One Piece.

    • Sonny's responsibilities at FUNimation have increased dramatically, he is now staff writer as well as director.

    • Mr. Strait grew up in Mesquite, Texas before moving to Denton to study, later he moved to Dallas, then to California when he worked with his mentor Wendy Pini.

    • Sonny Strait, along with his fellow voice actors, recently won Best Cast for their work on Fullmetal Alchemist at the first ever American Anime Awards. These awards were hosted in New York, Feb 24 2007.

    • Sonny Strait is married with two step kids.

    • Appearing at the north Texas community theater scene is what started more advances in the theatrical field for Sonny. With keen writing, acting and directing skills he produced many programs, of which a few are still running today such as a traveling puppet theater troupe The Puppahams and an acting program for teens called The Back Stage Players.

    • Sonny, a lover of drama and acting long before his voice acting career began, has appeared in many plays both professional as well as scholastic since he was as young as 14.

    • Sonny reveres his good friend, Wendy Pini (creator of the successful comic, Elfquest) as his mentor for his comic career. He credits her immensely for inspiring and giving him the skills, during his time working with her, to start a new comic series.

    • Sonny Strait, along with partner Chris Buchner, founded Impulse: Theater of the Fearless, in hopes of sparking a more cutting edge theatrical presence in the Dallas and Ft. Worth area.

    • In 2007, Sonny took up bass guitar as a new hobby. He and his friends also formed an AC/DC cover band called Angus Beef.

    • His other comic arts include: The Atomic Punk, Mr.Average, Goth Metal Gods, Darwin's, and a few chapters for the Elfquest saga.

    • Mr. Strait's first comic contribution, Muff Dyver and the Sex Gophers From Hell was a joint effort with his friend William Foster.

    • Mr. Strait primarily works for FUNimation Entertainment.

    • Mr. Strait was the first voice for TOM, Toonami's mascot.

    • Sonny Strait pranked called Terry Klassen and used Krillin's voice to talk to Klassen about things that are 'Mondo Cool'.

    • Sonny voices Bardock, Giru, and Krillin in Dragon Ball: Budokai 3.

    • Sonny voices Maes Hughes in Hagane no renkinjutsushi 2: Akaki erikuseru no akuma.

    • Sonny's first audition as a voice actor in anime was with Funimation for Dragonball Z. He ended up voicing Goku's friend, Krillin.

  • Quotes

    • (when asked about low points early in his career)
      Strait: Oh, nothing but typical self-doubt stuff.

    • (when asked about his comic book consumer preference juxtaposed to his producing of them)
      Strait: I like the art in Tellos and Battle Chasers. I still read Cerebus, Hellboy, Bone, and Usagi Yojimbo. Other than that I don't read too many comic books. Occasionally something will catch my attention. I do read a lot, however. I tend to gravitate to non-fiction, metaphysical and philosophical texts as well as "how-to" books (I am the perpetual student). I especially love books on shamanism.

    • (when asked about his likes, pastimes, etc..)
      Strait: I love entertaining. Not just on stage but at home. I love having intelligent people at my house to discuss and argue with. I love reading. Mostly non-fiction, but I did read a collection of short stories by Steve Martin recently called Pure Drivel that was brilliant. I don't watch a lot of television except for Ally McBeal and David Letterman. I love being in nature. I love dancing. And I love trying to think of things I love to do!