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    • Sonya: (when asked about who has had the biggest influence her life she responds) Lila Metzger, my older sister. Her faith in Jesus Christ and the way she lives her life have influenced me to grow closer to God and to deepen my relationship with Jesus. I admire her career as a model and the relationships she has kept with people along the way. She's fun, smart, strong, funny, talented, and beautiful, all of which I would like to be one day.

    • Sonya: I am the third oldest out of six. To me this means that I have to be a great example for my younger siblings and show them lots of love so that they will grow up feeling loved and supported just like how I've been raised.

    • Sonya: I have this Nars multi-purpose stick that I put on my face because I knew that we were shooting at the beach and that my face might get wet, but that's it. I saw it at a shoot. I hate makeup. On every shoot they just put so much on you and your skin just gets worked. And I just hate having to buy new makeup all the time.

    • Sonya: Also, I learned that if you ask God for anything, he'll give it to you. This whole year I'd secretly ask him, Oh Lord, it would be pretty cool if I had a cover, and then he answered. It's not like I was praying every day for it, but it was just like he knows your deepest desires in your heart.

    • Sonya: People think that as a model I know how to put makeup on, but my eyes are closed the whole time. I can feel them putting it on me but I can't see them. So, I know what products to buy, I just don't really know how to use them that well.

    • Sonya: I like talking to people and I like to try new things.

    • Sonya: The biggest challenge is learning to be patient. This whole year, this whole acting process took forever. For this show [Beyond the Break], I got auditioned five or six times - four times I sent out videotapes and two times they came here. In the end, it's worth it, but it's just like, oh my gosh, again? You just want to know, did I get it?

    • Sonya: I don't think I'm ever going to have just one job in my life. I know that about me, I always need to have something new going on.

    • Sonya: (about acting) I've been modeling for six years, and I think that helps too because I'm comfortable in front of the camera. Now, I just have to not look at the camera. That's going to be my challenge.

    • Sonya: I normally wear slippers, jeans and a top.

    • Sonya: People ask what my favorite modeling assignment was, and I keep saying this whole year has been the most exciting for me because I got so many covers, and back to back, and I didn't expect it. So, that was kind of cool.

    • Sonya: It's hard when I'm here on Oahu because I'm not a gym person. I'll go running sometimes around Diamond Head.

    • Sonya: I love shoes but I can't wear heels. I feel too dressed up, even when I go to L.A. I have to wear my slippers.

    • Sonya: (about the pilots she worked on before her role on Beyond the Break) Neither of them got picked up but I think that's what helped me with getting the part because I had a little bit of experience.

    • Sonya: For my diet, I'm still lactose intolerant so not too much dairy, and I just stay away from fast food, and everything in moderation. If I want chocolate, I'll have it but I'm not going to eat it every day.

    • Sonya: I got to try on some Manolo Blahniks when I shot for the Ala Moana magazine, and I was like no wonder why women love shoes. He has such beautiful shoes.

    • Sonya: It's pretty amazing that I got a job that's fun - I like to be in front of the camera - and I get to stay here [in Hawaii]. I don't have to go to the Mainland or anywhere else to shoot.

    • Sonya: The [Miss Teen USA] pageant opened up millions of doors for me.

    • Sonya: Filming [for Beyond the Break] is from September through December, so that's pretty much what I'll be focusing on these next few months.

    • Sonya: Shelley Hennig, who was Miss Teen USA, got offered a part with an MTV reality series, but she didn't want to do it, and they asked her who would you recommend and she recommended me. So they called me, but I'm not into reality shows either, so I said no thanks.

    • Sonya: My dream job, I could never put in a box and say I want to be a lawyer or a doctor, but I've always said that I want to live and work in Hawaii.

    • Sonya: Just learning how to act and becoming a sponge and soaking up everything because I need to step it up and prove to the Hollywood people that I can act.

    • Sonya: Reality shows, it's my little guilty pleasure once in a while, but I would rather get into acting the traditional way.

    • Sonya: (about her character on Beyond the Break) My character, Kai, is actually from Hawaii, and so it fits me pretty well.

    • Sonya: (about Beyond the Break) The show is a TV drama about the relationship between four surfer girls trying to become pro, and they kind of scored a sponsorship to train and ride for this fictitious surfing company.

    • Sonya: (about her character on Beyond the Break) I'm a lot like her in a way, so it's going to be fun to play her. When I first heard about it, I thought, hey they stole my life, they better pick me. But I'm just glad they picked somebody from Hawaii. The rest of the girls are from the Mainland, and their characters too.

  • Beautiful

    She's definitely a true beauty and I'm not suprised why her costar Michael Copon had a crush on her. Although she is an ammature artist, I think she's working her best and improving slowly. She's still enjoyable to watch and i think with time she'll be a better actress. She seem's sweet through interviews I've seen of her. Overall she's doing a great job on Beyond The Break and it would be nice to see how she progresses in her career. Maybe we can possibly see her in other productions. Overall this lady is beautiful and adorable to watch. I think with time she'll be more successful as she has been after being crowned Miss Teen USA.moreless
  • Sonya Balmores? She's super beautiful! An okay actress but she's getting better and better.

    Her role in Beyond the Break is wonderful because its fits her perfectly. Her character and with that cute guy, make them a perfect match. I just wish her character doesn't die from drugs. hehe Theres nothing really except that she is unbelievably beautiful. And what I've heard, she's very sweet too. I hope she gets more roles on tv shows.10/10