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  • Penny Penny Penny

    For some reason in Lost my favourite character is Desmond, because of his time travel stuff but to start with I still loved him before the time travel stuff. And there is nothing I want more than for Penny & Des to get together.

    I think I'm on love with Penelope. And I am desperite for him & Penny to be reunited. And if they're not, if I have to wait another year for them, and have a horrible feeling that I will, I don't know what I have to do.

    Penny, or I suppose Sonja, I love you, please get with Desmond, right now, if you're reading this, get on a plane, he's on an island and he needs you , so GO NOW!
  • Sonya Walger has wowed American audiences for a short time but has already won the hearts of many.

    Her turn as Penny the idealistic, hopeful girlfriend to Desmond on Lost was perfect. She was innocent and yet cognizant enough to go searching for him. She was amazing in Sleeper Cell, CSI:NY and so many other shows that she has had either a guest role, or a recurring role, but never a lead or starring role. I think it is time for her to break out and into something that really stretches her reach and shows her true sensibility and acting chops. Hopefully some exec will find a place for her in a pilot next year. She truly is beautiful and talented, a rare double treat in Hollywood.