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    • Sonya: (on coming back to "Lost") I'm guessing I will, but I make no assumptions with Lost. You know, if they call me I'm delighted, and if they don't, that's fine too.

    • Sonya: (on how involved the fans get with the show "Lost") I think it's funny but also understandable when you've got writing that's as smart as that. It's inevitable that people are going to want to examine it more closely I think.

    • Sonya: (on fan response on her doing "Lost") I was touched and delighted that people respond and reach out and want to talk to me about my work. It's lovely, but kind of amazing when I think that I've only done five episodes of the show and I've done whole seasons of other shows and not elicited a response like this.

    • Sonya: (the show being "Tell Me You Love Me") I think most of us who are in a committed relationship want it to work and this show deals very honestly with the huge difficulties, even though you want it to work, that you are still confronted with.

    • Sonya: (on physical training for "Quest for the Spear") I have no martial arts training so I acquired all the martial arts training in four weeks. It was a crash course on how to kick butt...I don't want to claim any black belt knowledge, but I can do the 12 moves I've been taught to do convincingly. It's great to go to bed and be physically tired, not just drained from sitting around for 12 hours.

    • Sonya: (talking about the physical exhaustion she experienced in "Quest for the Spear") I was tired from climbing trees, from falling off a bridge, swimming down a waterfall and doing martial arts.

    • Sonya: (after being asked her opinion on the green screen) This was a whole new experience for me. The production and art design people give an image of what the scene will look like, but you really have to use your imagination and create it yourself.

    • Sonya: (talking about "Quest for the Spear") It's been so much fun to be a part of a project like this and be asked to do this much stuff in such a short time.

    • Sonya: (after being asked her favourite part of using green screen effects) It's fun because you're drawing on your own imagination. It was a challenge but a great one.

    • Sonya: (after being asked what it's like to work with Noah Wyle) I obviously knew his work but had never worked with him. It's a real delight. I can't think of anyone nicer to do a scene with - he has a great sense of humor, talent and professionalism that he brings. He made it really fun to come to work.