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Sophia, 14, from Winter Park, Florida is a participant in KID NATION on the CBS Television Network.


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  • Sophie was a remarkable young lady. Clear-sighted, focused and truly a backbone of the Bonanza community. She has great things in front of her and I hope the gold stars will help her achieve her dreams. Kudos to her parents for a job well done.moreless

    I enjoyed the Kid Nation episodes although my original intent was to use it as a discussion point for my Political Science class. It worked for that too, but I also just enjoyed watching for myself. I particularly found the decisions the council had to make about town prizes to be very interesting. Even though Taylor could certainly play the Prima Donna she was the one who said that toothbrushes would be a better choice than a barbeque. I would be very interested in seeing a follow-up on the main players to see what they took back to their homes after this experience.moreless
  • Sophia a Great Insperation

    I watched Kid Nation last night and I was instantly amazed by Sophia.

    The first thing that came to mind was Jodie Foster. If this Girl doesn't make it on kids nation, she has a career in movies. Sombody needs to introduce her to Jodie.

    Sophia is an amazing young lady and will be anything she sets her mind too as she get's older.

    When she saw the bike and didn't have enough money for it, she went out and earned the extra money she needed to get it. That is determination. She deserved the gold star and many more.

    You have earned my respect Sophia :-)moreless