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  • B. Davis

    Omg she is the most beautiful and sweet and generous people i have ever heard of. she is an amazing actress and i aspire to be like her. i hope to meet her one day
  • A wonderful actress and an amazing women

    Sophia Bush is absolutely amazing.
  • Fantastic actress

    i have been watching one tree hill since day one, watch all the reruns on soapnet all the but i love the writers who made brook such a better person now that she is older, when the show was just starting brook was just a mean person who only careered about she is fostering a rebelous teenager who i believe gets arrested tonight on the show... fantastic actress in everything she has played in yes even in john tucker must die... abosolutly talented. hope she has a long career ahead of her. cant wait to see what else she does.
  • Sophia is a wonderful actress and stunning women.

    Sophia Bush absolutely stunningly beautiful.Plus she is an amazing actress and I think she is severealy underminded as far as how good of an actress she is.I think it would be great if she took more serious movie roles because she has so much to offer.I have met her in person once and she is really nice,sweet and down to earth opposed to some actresses who let fame get to thier heads and act like total witches.Did I mentin she has the most unusual and unique voice ever it probably would sound wierd with other people but it just fits her.
  • Sophia went to Westridge, all-girls high school in Pasadena, California. She was the Tournament of Roses Parade Queen in 2000. She attended the University of Southern California for three years until offered role on One Tree Hill.

    Sophia Anna Bush was born on July 8, 1982, in Pasadena, California. She is an only child. Her father, Charles William Bush, is a renowned advertising and celebrity photographer, and her mother, Maureen Bush, runs a photography studio. She is an amazing actress on One Tree Hill, playing the role as Brooke Davis. She has been on One Tree Hill for 6 years. She is incredible and everyone loves her! She is also very pretty. She has had Lucas Scott and Chase as her love interests. She has always loved Lucas but he liked someone else named Peyton. Everyone should check her out on the show!
  • Love her!

    I think that Sophia Bush is one of the best actresses ever! She is the sole rerason I started watching, what is now, my favorite show, One Tree Hill. I think her performances speak for themselves. I think she is the kind of actress that not only plays her role, but becomes the character she is portraying. I have watched every episode of her on One Tree Hill and John Tucker Must Die. I plan on watching The Hitcher ASAP! I really hope she continues on the One Tree Hill path, it's simply were she belongs.Overall she is one of my favorite actresses!
  • Sophia Bush is talented in any thing she does. Whether it's One Tree Hill or an awesome horror movie, she is always just plain amazing!

    Sophia Bush is someone who I really wasn't aware of until I started watching One Tree Hill. But ever since One Tree Hill, she's become one of my favorite actresses of all time. One of the most versatile actresses out there and very, very talented for her generation. She's my absolute favorite on One Tree Hill (character and actor), and I just love that she made a name for herself in horror films as well. Horror, being me favorite movie genre, and Sophia Bush, being probably my third favorite actor, coexisting together, is just awesome. She proves herself to be an amazing dramatic actress in OTH and in horror films, as well as a great comic actress. I truly believe she'll be around for another 70+ years.
  • Sophia Bush is a beautiful and talented actress.

    One of my more favourite roles of her is on One Tree Hill were she plays Brooke Davis, she has made the character well liked and relateable to teenage girls. she is able to play emotional scenes with ease, she had a wonderdfall performance in 'Thing's A Mama Don't Know'. Sophia is a true rolemodel to young girl, setting a good example as she is not in the media for something wrong. It is great to see that young girl look up to her and respect her and I hope she knows that. Sophia Bush is the best actress ever!!!
  • one tree hill is one of the best series on tv

    I am English but have lived in Ibiza Spain for 30 years lucky for me I get Sky television, my daughter and I love watching One Tree Hill, sadly it has stopped at the moment, my favorite actors in the show are Sophie Bush, Chad, Nathan and Hayley sorry dont know all their real names, the show is so watchable, for all ages, I miss it so much, I as a mother find the characters all good examples for teenagers, loads happens but they all seem to learn from their mistakes, please try and get it back on Sky, its English I really hope the new season will be on, thank you for entertaining us.
  • Brook Davis Rocks!

    I think Sophia is a incredible actress and person. I miss her and Lucas together but what ya gonna do. One tree Hill is the best show ever. She is so preety,she remind me of me lol. I like how her character evolved into such a great hearted person. Go Sophia keep up the great work. How does everyone like the new episodes? I like Brooks old hair due alot when her hair was dark brown. Lucas and Nathan very good looking I'd say. The whole One Tree Hill Cast is great. There all talented in there own ways. :)
  • the best character on one tree hill

    sophia bush is absolutely fabulous! Her acting is amazing from serious roles to the highly rated teen drama's. With unatainable amounts of energy she brings to each role she plays in. Her fashion is untouchable such a classy person. Me being such a oth addict brooke has always been my favorite character from season 1 to season 6. Sophia brings such a realness to the character that no one else ever could. Most and farmost sophia bush is one of the most talented actors on the market today, witty beautiful and full of life you can not get enough of this girl! LOVE HER!!
  • Sophia Anna Bush was born on July 8, 1982, in Pasadena, California. She is an only child. Her father, Charles William Bush, is a renowned advertising and celebrity photographer, and her mother, Maureen Bush, runs a photography studio.

    Sophia Bush is an amazing actress! Words that I would use to describe her are: talented, beautiful, wise, caring, and genuine. Sophia is the kind of person where when she talks you listen. She always has something wise and beneficial for everyone but perticularly young woman. What she says goes beyond hollywood and into the hearts of woman across the world. I think she is an amazing role model. She has been a household name for the last 5 years and she has started to achieve great fame and she achieved that fame in a very respectable way my hat definitely goes off to her! I would definitely tell people to follow Sophia's progress because she is definitely going places.
  • Sophia Bush is one of the few people that i look up to and hope that one day i can be just like her and her co stars Bethany Joy Lenz and Hillarie Burton i just hope one day i can be just like her in all aspects!

    WOW where to begin her role in John Tucker must die, The Hitcher and many more were awesome but the one that inspires me the most is def her role in one tree hill . Her role in the show is a a dramatic cheerleader with many problems and whose best friend is a lil depressed and her other one is married before her senior year. Her mother is a joke to even be considered important in her life and her fling on and off with Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murry) doesn't in the end turn out like everyone thought. She is a girl who trys to act so strong and like nothing gets to her but she is so scared sometimes the only thing that gets her through is her best friends and her other friends Lucas, Nathan,Mouth and near the end Rachel even thought that is a surprise!! i love her so much and i love watching her in one tree hill is amazing i got to say that her Haley and Nathan are my favorite yet they all tie between Nathan Haley Lucas and Peyton i love them so much and i hope one day that i can meet them or see all them live!! i cant wait to keep adding to all my review about the one tree hill casts more are coming after this one!!

  • Sophia Bush.

    Words cannot describe Sophia. She is my favourite actoress of all time and she plays my favourite character on One Tree Hill - Brooke Davis. She is beautiful and brave. She is amazing for carrying on her career in One Tree Hill even though of the personal relationship problems with Co-Star Chad Michael Murray. She is a brillant actoress and is really good at portraying emotions at the wink of an eye. She always looks AMAZING and I aspire to be like her. She is my role model. I also love her in the film "The Hitcher" she is really good and makes it believable. I think we can all expect great things from her, and I hope she finds her true love soon.
  • The Best

    Sophia Bush is the hottest woman alive. She is the most talented actress to ever live. She is the best!! I can not think of an actress more talented or better than her. Chad Michael Murray is stupid to cheat on her, who would want another woman other than Sophia Bush! She is perfect .. I wish one day she will be even more famous than she is now and more recognized. I love her movies, The Hitcher was amazing I love the way she killed the man with the gun. I am looking forward for her upcoming movies .. and so should you.
  • I Love Sophia Bush. She is the greatest actress of all times. Just watch she will be bigger than Julia Roberts or Jamie Lee Curtis. She is Original.

    Sophia Buhs has that talent that you only find in one person. She is so great because her way of potraying her characters is maagnificent. I love her becasue she know how to seperate her charcaters form each other and form herself. She has this inosencee that if you do something bad to her she will just let it go because she knows the right thing to do. She isn;t the nest Paris Hilton(thank god) because she doesn't party every day at every time. She alsois very mature and very great in keeping her personal life personal. She is the greates actress and you know that is the truth.
  • Sophia Bush is amazing. She is my favorite actress.

    I love Sophia Bush. She is such a good actress. She is on my favorite show, One Tree Hill and she plays my favorite character, Brooke Davis. She does such a good job and every episode I love to watch her scenes (except when she's Lucas' girlfriend because I dont like BL lol). Also, she's been on movies and I love her in those as well. She plays really fun characters and she does a good job. When I watch her, everything that she's doing seems so real, just like all the other people on OTH. Also, she is really really pretty.
  • Sophia Bush is awesome.

    One of the main reasons that I began watching OTH was because I liked Sophia Bush so much. Sure, my friend convinced me to start watching it but Sophia Bush became my favorite actress and her character is also my favorite. She is such a good actress. Like, when watching her emotional scenes, you feel what she is trying to convey. She is awesome and I hope she always continues acting. She also has a great laugh and a great smile and she just makes whatever she is acting out seem so real. And she seems like such a nice and down-to earth person!
  • she's charming, talanted, original and she's very kind like a girl next door

    Before I started to watch One Tree Hill, I didn't notice her in this huge movie field. ok, before OTH I saw "Supercross", "John Tucker Must Die" and "Stay Alive", it's weird but I noticed her only in JTMD.. in OTH and in many interviews we can see that she's really kind, she isn't the typical Hollywood's star, e.g., conceited too cool for communicate with 'no-star', at least, she doesn't look like it. Most of all I like her smile, eyes and voice, because it's seperate her from other actors. and of course, her beatiful soul, without which she wouldn't be Sophia Bush.
  • Sophia Bush is gorgeous, talented and under-rated.

    I think that Sophia is very talented. She plays the character of Brooke Davis, in One Tree Hill very well. I have really liked her, and enjoyed her acting since I first saw her on One Tree Hill, she has made Brooke one of my favourite characters. I think she is very charasmatic on screen. I also like her because she is stable. She is young, but not like the rest of young Hollywood. She seems very normal and down-to-earth, which is another reason why I like her. I have also liked 'John Tucker Must Die' and 'The Hitcher' which she also stars in. I hope to see a lot more of her.
  • Sophia Bush is gorgeous, talented and under-rated.

    I think that Sophia is very talented. She plays the character of Brooke Davis, in One Tree Hill very well. I have really liked her, and enjoyed her acting since I first saw her on One Tree Hill, she has made Brooke one of my favourite characters. I think she is very charasmatic on screen. I also like her because she is stable. She is young, but not like the rest of young Hollywood. She seems very normal and down-to-earth, which is another reason why I like her. I have also liked 'John Tucker Must Die' and 'The Hitcher' which she also stars in. I hope to see a lot more of her.
  • I Love sophia!

    she is such a great actress on one tree hill. Lets just say One tree wouldnt be the same without her.she plays the part of brooke former party girl and now clothes over bros multi million dollar fashion industry company owner. Sophia is doing really well for herself with all the movies. shes very pretty, and talented. chad michael murray was so stupid to cheat on her!! shes seems like very down to earth chick.
    sophia is really into fashion and can often be seen around near the fashion shows.
    she acts really well and every role is disguished from eachother. I just love her!
  • Brooke Davies - Isn't What She Is Made Out To Be!

    Brooke Penelope Davis was born in New Brunswick County Hospital in Tree Hill, North Carolina to parents Richard Edgar Davis and Barbara Anne Montgomery on March 4th 1989, according to her birth certificate shown in episode 402- "Things I Forgot at Birth.

    Brooke is shown to be a rich, popular and promiscuous head cheerleader at Tree Hill High. She first appears in Episode 102, as Peyton Sawyer's best friend since the latter's mom death when they were nine. Initially, her crazy antics are responsible for a lot of comic relief in the show.

    Brooke is your everyday teenage girl up for a laugh and has only one interest - Boys!

    She's played by a beautiful actress Sophia Bush who has also been featured as Grace Andrews in the horror remake The Hitcher.she has made appearances in several television shows including Nip/Tuck, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and Punk'd. She's a fantastic actress and i really can't wait to see her in something else aswell as one tree hill -x
  • She is an amazing girl. Talent, classy, and original. What doesn't this girl have?

    What do I love about Sophia Bush. Well, aside from her name, Sophia Bush is an incredible strong, intelligent, and beautiful woman. She amazes me every time I see her on TV. She is original, classy, and talent. I am proud to call myself a SophiaFan. I love this girl. I really love the way she handle the divorce with Chad Michael Murray. She face her ex-husband with true dignity. I am really proud of this girl. I cheer when she score an award, cried when she was heartbroken, smiled when she found a the a man who was able to take care of her.....(sucks for Chad...). She is truly a hero in my book. In fact, I will say she is my role model. She definitely rocks my socks!!!
  • a talented actoress.

    Sophia Bush is an amazing actress. I love everything that she has been in. Her role on One Tree Hill is supreb, and I don't think they could have picked a bettre person to have portrayed the role. In her movies, Sophia can adapt to any role, and make it great. In interviews Sophia Bush seems like a down to earth kind of girl. She is a role model for me, and she should be for any other person because she is great at what she does and is insperational to others. I am truely glad to call myself a Sophia Bush fan.
  • I'm proud to call myself a Sophia fan.

    Ever since I began watching One Tree Hill, I was amazed at Sophia's spunk and talent. She can be both elegant and classic but if you watch behind the scenes stuff you realize she is a girl who has alot of energy and doesn't care about being goofy once and a while! I really loved the way she handled the split between her and Chad and I am still 100% on her side. I mean...for someone who said he loved her and just knew she was the one, he moved on pretty fast (4 months after they split he was ENGAGED to a 18 year old girl...EEWWWW!) So I truly admire her for her bravery in handling the whole situation and I hope that woman who go through a divorce where someone cheated (it was rumored but from her comments about it...I beleive its true) can really use her as a role model about how to survive it. She truly is an amazing person and deserves so much better that Chad. She could truly get any man she evers wants.
  • I don't believe in 'grading' people so Sophia gets a 10, and is original as she is a human being.

    I have to admit when i first started watching one tree hill i wasn't a fan of her Brooke character, and was jealous that she got to kiss chad micheal murray! but i'm totally over that now. Sophia is awesome - she's gorgeous, smart, a good actress and a fabulous person. I loved her in John Tucker Must Die - proving she can do comedy, and in The Hitcher - proving she can do horrors/thrillers. She looks like she has fun in whatever she does which i think is a great way to live life. Sophia is an inspiration and is a way better role model for young girls than paris hilton!
  • One of my favorite actresses ever.

    Sophia Bush is a very talented actress who is stunning in all her roles. In John Tucker Must Die you really feel her hate towards John. In One Tree Hill you feel her pain. You feel her love for Lucas. You see her devotion to her friends and loyalty to others. She is an amazing actress who really reminds what good actors are about. She is my one of my favorite actresses. I hope she continues her good acting skills because she is a breath of fresh air in all the normal celebrity gossip. Keep it up Sophia. I can't wait to see wait she comes out in next.
  • Sophia is so pretty, and talented. She is an AMAZING actress! I love how spunky she can be. I have seen all of her movies and most of her apperances on TV. I LOVE HERR!!

    Sophia is an amazing actress, she is so talented and funny. I have seen her in One Tree Hill(my favorite show ever!), John Tucker Must Die, Stay Alive, The Hitcher(my favorite movie!), Van Wilder, and Sabrina the teenage witch. I love how she always plays the bad girl, and she is so good at it! She looks like she could be the best mean girl, like in high school, but what i have seen in like interviews and stuff, she is a really nice person. I cant wait until she appears in more movies and tv shows. She is my favorite actress EVER!!!
  • empty

    I think sophia bush is an amazing actress, she is pretty and smart. i love watching her on One Tree Hill because even though her character can be somewhat of a slut she does a great job playing her and showing emotion. i also really liked her john tucker must die. :)
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