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  • A stunningly beautiful woman with loads of talent. Much better than Angelina Jolie or Paris Hilton.

    I was first introduced to Sophia Myles when I turned on the series "Moonlight." I was hooked right away. While I love the character or Mick (the protaganist), I was immediately drawn to Beth (played by Sophia). Her character was so believable and relatable, I could see her just walking down the street. After watching Moonlight, I bought the movie "Tristan and Isolde" and was very satisfied by it. I rarely cry during movies, no matter how touching or sad they may be, but I cried during "Tristan and Isolde" several times, due mostly to Sophia's portrayal of Isolde. She was so convincing, I could feel her pain as my own. She will go far, and I'll be watching her on her way to the top!
  • Sophia is a fantastic actress with lots of personality. She's doing a marvelous job on the CBS hit, Moonlight.

    She is a REAL actress with a REAL body and I love her attitude. My favorite TV show is Moonlight and she is wonderful as Beth Turner. Her chemistry with Alex O'Loughlin is amazing! We need more like Sophia on television these days. I really hope we get more Moonlight soon or at least in the fall. The show and its stars are way too amazing to fall by the wayside. I would love to see her other movies, such as Tristan and Isolde and Underworld, where incidentally, she played...wait for it...a vampire! LOL Looks to me like she has great range.
  • What a terrific actress.

    Sophia Myles is a wonderful actress and has made her own way in Hollywood, not by taking every script that was thrown her way - but by being picky and choosy. She herself admits that she's very careful in choosing the roles that she portrays by looking at the content of the story, the cast that is already known, the director, the production company...etc. I love how she portrayed Erika in Underworld. She was sneaky, and manipulative. She knew what she wanted and stopped at nothing to get it. In Moonlight however, there's a more human quality to her character. I think this brings in the potential for more storylines about her being conflicted between her love for Josh and for Mick St. John.