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  • A stunningly beautiful woman with loads of talent. Much better than Angelina Jolie or Paris Hilton.

    I was first introduced to Sophia Myles when I turned on the series "Moonlight." I was hooked right away. While I love the character or Mick (the protaganist), I was immediately drawn to Beth (played by Sophia). Her character was so believable and relatable, I could see her just walking down the street. After watching Moonlight, I bought the movie "Tristan and Isolde" and was very satisfied by it. I rarely cry during movies, no matter how touching or sad they may be, but I cried during "Tristan and Isolde" several times, due mostly to Sophia's portrayal of Isolde. She was so convincing, I could feel her pain as my own. She will go far, and I'll be watching her on her way to the top!