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    • Sophia (how she got interested in acting): Basically there was a really gorgeous, or so I thought, drama teacher called Kevin Broadway who'd I'd seen walking around the corridors - I kid you not. Truth be told I only did drama because I quite wanted to be taught by Mr. Broadway. We put on a play as part of our GCSE exam called Teachers, by John Godber. It was only on for two nights and after the first showing a gentleman came up to me, Julian Fellowes. He wrote the screenplay for Gosford Park and since won an Oscar. He was writing and producing a costume drama for the BBC, The Prince And The Pauper and invited me to come and audition. I did, and I got the job. The minute that I walked onto the set I just knew - I thought, "Oh I like this," and I just completely fell in love with it really and knew there was no turning back after that. School became so boring as soon as I started working really.