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    • Sophia (on Keira Knightly): I am so impressed by her. We played sisters actually but we didn't actually work together. Keira took over from another girl on Oliver Twist, that was for ITV, so we've known each other for years and years. She's great because she hasn't changed an inch and she's really down to earth and has such a good attitude about it all. She takes it in stride and she's about four or five years younger than I am. For a young woman of her age, I think she has handled herself incredibly well. I think if the success that's happened to her happened to me at her age I'd probably be in The Priory by now. I'm just so delighted for her. She always says, 'Whatever they ask you to do just do it, be gracious, be nice," and it's the best way really. And don't talk about your private life.