Sophie Bennett

Sophie Bennett


2/6/1989, Toronto, Ontarion CA

Birth Name

Sophie Lynn Bennett



Also Known As

Sophie Bennet
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Name- Sophie Bennett
Colours- Pink and Yellow
Hobbies- "When I am not working I love designing clothing and accessories, writing songs, seeing friends, and keeping active and healthy"
Hair- Blonde
Eyes- Green


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  • Saddle Club is a very cool show. I wish I was there for the frist episodes when there were all still knew. Hope that the Saddle Club will have new episodes or a Saddle Club 2 and a Saddle Club 3. Can't wait till I am a tv star.moreless

    8.0 sophie is a very kind hearted person and she is very cool . She is my second favorite character on the Saddle Club. I want to live in Canda and be bornin Canada too. When i hit the age 13 i am going to ask if i could take riding lessons because horses are very cool. i hope to see you on alot more tv shows and/or movies. I hope to be a little bit like you. What is it like to be born in Canada. You are a very cool person and I am going to move to Canda someday too.moreless