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  • Trivia

    • In March 2007, Sophie has been appointed the co-host of an entertainment show titled Confidential TV, which is linked to the 'Sydney Confidential' column in The Daily Telegraph. The series will commence on June 6th, 2007.

  • Quotes

    • Sophie: (on Cate Blanchett, after meeting her in 2006) I met Cate Blanchett last year going down the red carpet and she's so amazing. I also saw her at the Belvoir years ago, so to be able to sit down and do a proper interview with her would be fantastic.

    • Sophie: (on her wedding) My wedding is the most memorable day of my life. We got married in Woollahra in Sydney and had the reception at Catalina restaurant in Rose Bay. We had about 120 people there - 60 from each side - which I think was the perfect number of people.

    • Sophie: (on her husband) It's nice that Tony is in a different industry, so we don't always talk about TV. He travels in his marketing job almost as much as I do with The Great Outdoors - last year we were a bit like two ships passing in the night. It'll be an adjustment with me at home with the baby (due in April), which is a good thing.

    • Sophie: I went to Uganda in Africa for The Great Outdoors and visited a chimpanzee sanctuary where you can go on forest walks with the chimps. One, named Yo-Yo, seemed to love me. So for the whole walk Yo-Yo was on my head or on my back, and she was just gorgeous.

    • Sophie: (on the night she decided she was going to marry her husband) I'd come home from work dog-tired but we went for dinner at Otto in Sydney. I was so tired that I didn't expect to have a good night, but it was really magical. And that's when I thought, "This is the man I'm going to marry.

    • Sophie: (on her husband proposing to her) Tony proposed just before Christmas. He'd said, "Let's just give each other one present for Christmas." So I bought him some dodgy book subscription, while he proposed! He'd asked my parents the night before, and I'd spoken to my mum during the day and told her I thought Tony was going to propose because he was acting strangely. She put me off the track, telling me not to get my hopes up.

    • Sophie: (on her husband) I met my husband, Tony (Thomas), on a blind date - my first and last one. A mutual friend set it up and it was pretty much love at first sight. We got engaged 10 months later, and married about a year after that.

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