Sophie Marceau

Sophie Marceau


11/17/1966, Paris, France

Birth Name

Sophie Danièle Sylvie Maupu


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Sophie was discovered in her first movie La Boum in 1980, which was a huge success. She did it again in La Boum 2 in 1982, which brought her the Csar du meilleur espoir feminin (equivalent of Oscar of best aspiring female actress).
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • As of 2007, Sophie has been dating La Disparue de Deauville co-star Christopher Lambert.

    • In 1991, Sophie was part of the production of Eurydice which won her a Molière Award for Most Promising Newcomer.

    • Aside from acting, Sophie is also a writer, director and a painter.

    • She had her first kiss under a tent when she was twelve years old.

    • Sophie is the godmother of Arc-en-ciel, an association which makes sick children's wishes come true.

    • Sophie is some sort of a political activist. She is well-known for her stand against fur coats and foie gras. She has also openly criticized the self-obsessed French film industry.

    • Sophie has directed a short film called L'Aube à l'envers.

    • In 1988, Sophie won as Best Romantic Actress at the International Festival of Romantic Movies for her role in Chouans!.

    • If she had a day to herself, she would want to paint, take photos and walk in the countryside.

    • Sophie loves to read novels and philosophical essays. She also likes to watch movies and travel. Above all, she wants to spend as much time with her children as possible.

    • In 1985, she recorded an album entitled "Certitude" containing nine songs written by Étienne Roda-Gil and composer Franck Langolff.

    • Sophie does not like facials and massages. Normally cutting her own hair, she goes to the hairdresser about twice a year only.

    • Sophie wrote a semi-autobiographical book entitled Telling Lies. It was published by Phoenix House in July 2001.

    • Sophie became one of the models for the Marianne bust of France. Features of famous women such as Catherine Deneuve and Laetitia Casta were also used to create official busts of Marianne. In France, Marianne is considered to be one of the most prominent symbols of the Republic and appears in the official seal of the country, on postage stamps and on French euro coins.

    • In 1996, she became the model for Guerlain, a prestigious perfume company in France.

    • Sophie studied at Ecole Florent in Paris, France.

    • Sophie loved animals. She adopted stray cats. She had a cat named Bidule, a dog named Scotch and a German Shepherd she got from the SPCA.

    • Sophie's father Benoit was an Algerian War veteran. He was a painter, bartender and a truck driver while her mother worked as a demonstrator in a department store. She has a brother, Sylvain, who is three years older than her.

    • Sophie has appeared in several magazine covers including Elle, Femme, Studio and Premiere.

    • Sophie was chosen as Ambassador of Charm for France in East Asia where she is very popular.

    • Sophie was voted Best Director at the 2002 Montreal World Film Festival for her film Speak to Me of Love. It was her directorial debut.

    • Sophie won a César Award (France's equivalent of an Oscar) for "Most Promising Actress" in 1983.

    • Sophie's nickname is Flatfoosie.

    • Sophie is 5'8" (1.73 m).

    • She was married to director Andrzej Zulawski. They have a son named Vincent who was born in June 1995. In 2002, she had a daughter with producer Jim Lemley and named her Juliette.

    • She began her acting career at the age of 14 with the starring role in the 1980 film, "La Boum".

  • Quotes

    • Sophie: I'm not a very material girl. If I was richer, I would live exactly the same. Though I would have a private plane. I like travelling and it would be much easier.

    • Sophie: It is dangerous, because she is not really an actress. But I am an actress and when I look at Carole Bouquet I feel almost sorry for her. Is she an actress or Chanel? It is confusing. Of course you make a lot of money when you do that and it can help you abroad.

    • Sophie: (on France) I have been thinking about the revolution because we are in the same state now as we were then - a few rich people with power in Paris and the rest of the country angry and unhappy.

    • Sophie: (comment on Leonardo DiCaprio wanting to work with her) Oooh, maybe I could be his nanny. He is a boy, a child. He is 13... perhaps 11.

    • Sophie: Directing gives you the chance to explain the world as you see it. And I feel that urge right now, to explain things the way I see them myself.

    • Sophie: (about people not listening to you) It's a sign of contempt to be shut out of any exchange. I find it intolerable, especially since I feel I have so much to learn from contact with others.

    • Sophie: I love France where I have made my home – especially because my children are enrolled in school there – however I am happy to leave it and be free from the burden that comes from the gaze of others.

    • Sophie: Of course, there are things I've missed out on or messed up but I live by the principle that you can't be everywhere.

    • Sophie: I'm not convinced that one need distance oneself from a character at any price. In this profession you are already so naked anyway, you might as well allow things to really come from the inside. On the other hand, there's something uncomfortable about leaving a costume that you only just slid into because it's time for you to return behind the camera.

    • Sophie: Cinema has filled so much of my life that I find it very difficult to imagine a life without it.

    • Sophie: Being recognized is hard to deal with in the beginning. But now, if I'm not busy, I'm happy to talk to fans. It's a good way to meet people.

    • Sophie: I've got nothing against Bond Girls but I don't think I've got the measurements.

    • Sophie: The problem with the French, in politics as well as in cinema, is that we say nothing, we change nothing until we're pushed to the limit.

    • Sophie: France is a country of subsidies. Socially speaking, that's fine, but culturally it can create problems. Nobody is challenged or forced to question their work, and that leads to an extremely conservative environment. There are no new ideas. France is not a modern country! And cinema is a modern art.

    • Sophie: To do auditions in LA, then wait a year for the phone to ring? Completely depressing. For me, things don't happen when I try too hard. I have to go on with my life, working here in my country. If that leads to other things, great.

    • Sophie: (in doing nude scenes in a movie) It is something actresses need to go through and I think they look forward to being naked in a movie. I don't know why, but it is something you need to exhaust from yourself.

    • Sophie: (on comparisons with countrywoman Isabelle Adjani) I'm eight years younger, 3 inches taller and I've got boobs!

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    Sophie Marceau is really a talented actress. In every role she really makes you believe that she actually is the character she's portraying. This sense of realism is what makes her really stand out above the masses of the rest of actresses today. My favorite movie of her's is "Braveheart."