Sophie Monk

Sophie Monk


12/3/1979, Gold Coast, Brisbane

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Sophie Charlene Akland Monk


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Sophie Charlene Akland Monk is an Australian pop singer, actress and occasional model. She was once a member of female pop group Bardot and has since established a solo career with the release of one album, Calendar Girl. More recently, she turned her hand to acting, starring in…more


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    • Sophie: There's no doubt in my mind that going vegetarian has made me feel better not only physically but also because I learned about the suffering of animals who are raised and killed for food. I feel good knowing that I'm not contributing to that.

    • Sophie: She's kind of a floozy that kind of just works there because she gets around a bit. Another serious character for me. Describing the character she portrays in the film, Click.

    • Sophie: I'm the head of the evil girls. I'm like the evil b*tch that everyone wants to be like and they all end up hating her. Talking about her character in the upcoming film, Spring Breakdown.

    • Sophie: There's nothing like it, I can't compare it. I couldn't say what artist it's like. Talking about her new album to be released in 2007.

    • Sophie: It's good 'cause no one knows me, that's why I love it, I can have freedom and privacy and all that kind of stuff. I forget when I come here and then we had cameras following us yesterday, you forget, it's bizarre, because I get so used to being able to look like a bogan and go out. But apart from that I love Sydney, it's my favourite. Comparing Los Angeles to Sydney.

    • Sophie: It was so fun, yeah. It was just like being at school with a handy-cam. They just let us go and would say "If you want to put anything in that's funny, just go for it." It was good. It was really, really fun. A nice little introduction for me. On working on Date Movie.