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Sophie Thompson is a critically acclaimed English actress who is best remembered for playing the antagonist role of Stella Crawford on the British television series, EastEnders. Born in 1962, the London native grew up in a showbiz family as she is the youngest sister of two-time Academy Award-winning actress, Emma Thompson. Sophie Thompson first debuted on television where she appeared in five episodes of the series, A Traveller in Time (1978). After years of working on British television, Thompson earned worldwide acclaim in 1994 when she starred as Lydia on the comedy hit, Four Weddings and A Funeral. She went on to earn large supporting roles in Emma (1995) and Gosford Park (2001), before focusing on EastEnders in 2006. The series is one of the highest rated of all-time on British television and Thompson's role as Stella heightened her star status in the latter part of her career. The actress has maintained her success in the new decade with supporting roles in hit movies Eat, Pray Love and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2010.