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    • Sophina: On stage, you know, it's like, you are in charge of telling the story, you're performing it, that's when the audience is receiving it, so you have that immediate response. With television, it's been a challenge because you can tell a certain story, and you can do certain things, character development, put whatever it is into a scene, and then you kind of give it over to the post-production, and the editors. So much can change once you've released it. Even adding music underneath the scene can make it unfold in a completely [different] way than you envisioned it. That's been kind of a challenge because sometimes, depending on how it's cut together, it can come across very differently than how you delivered it, which was a very new thing for me, so I'm getting more used to it. You don't have kind of as much ownership as you do when you're doing something on stage. So that's been kind of a challenge. Just also, having something like this which is consistent now, it's been great as far as allowing me to just grow as an actor in general, playing this role, week after week after week. I'm very attached to her, and very attached to the stories and these characters and also my cast mates, the people. That hasn't really happened for me before in television. It's been great though. It's been really, really great.

    • Sophina: Don't wait for someone to give you an opportunity. Create an opportunity for yourself. Always be working on your art, even when no one is paying you to do so. Take classes, read everything you can get your hands on, always be prepared, and make the most out of every opportunity to perform. Even a two- minute audition is a performance. Enjoy it! Fear is not an option. Do not compare yourself to others. No one can do what you do. And remember to always be grateful for where you are right now.

    • Sophina: The auditions weren't the hard part. It was the disappointment that often followed. This business can bring high highs and low lows. If you don't have a solid faith and support system, it can do serious damage.

    • Sophina: It's been definitely a learning process, as far as learning about television as a medium because I come from a theater background. You don't really get to see how television works, how the medium itself, what makes it tick and everything [in guest spots]. It's such a collaborative thing.

    • Sophina: I have a tendency, I think, to play characters who are - I hate to use the word harsh. I keep using the word strong.

    • Sophina: (about having second thoughts about majoring in theater in college) None at all. "Fall-back" was never in my vocabulary. That was a little hard for my parents to understand at first, but they saw my determination and always supported me.

    • Sophina: (about being afraid) Any fear dissipates because of my faith. So fear pops up for me, but I don't ever let it consume me.

    • Sophina: (about having the lead role in The Lion King) It was amazing. It's such a powerful story. I remember watching the show from the back of the theatre after being cast. I was weeping because I couldn't believe that I was given the opportunity to be a part of something so beautiful.

    • Sophina: I actually went to a performing arts school for half a day from seventh to twelfth grade. Half of my day was spent studying theatre, the other half was spent at a regular school for academics. We produced two plays a year. It was such a big deal at the time. At that age, getting cast in a school production seemed like a life or death situation.

    • Sophina: I don't care if I'm making three hundred dollars a week or three million. If I'm being paid to do what I love most, it's a blessing. How many people can say they jump out of bed every morning excited to go to work? It's so rare that passion and profession intersect. When that happens, that's making it. I would not settle for anything less.

    • Sophina: I don't know what I would do without my weekly trips to Target. It's my safe haven in a cold, cold world. I'm kidding...sort of.

    • Sophina: As far as things that I do outside of work, I love theater. I love just reading, performing it, whatever. I have a group that meets every Sunday, and we usually break down a specific play. It's kind of like a play reading group but we do more than just read the plays. This has been going on for some years, and now we're sort of toying with the idea of starting our own company. It's really good work that we're doing in this group, and we want to share it, you know? We're kind of toying around with that idea, and I'm really kind of pushing for that. It's one of my goals, to produce and direct theater, so that's kind of like, in the works, and hopefully sooner than later. Right now we're working on Hamlet. When I started off in this business, I just wanted to do Shakespeare, and I had no intention of doing television, definitely not musical theater, and I kind of got into that, too. My path kind of took some twists and turns that I hadn't really expected, and it's been great, don't get me wrong, [but]. I still love classical theater.

    • Sophina: One of the main challenges for me as an actor is giving over the ability. I'm used to being the story teller.

    • Sophina: I actually read a lot more plays than books.

    • Sophina: (about how she felt the first time she was on stage) It felt really good. The instant gratification of having an audience is thrilling. There's nothing like performing live. You don't feel that energy in film or television. That's one of the reasons my heart will always be rooted in theatre.

    • Sophina: (about how she knew she wanted to be an actress) I just knew. I was always performing in my room, while my friends were out riding bikes. My favorite times as a child were when I was old enough to stay home by myself. I would have the whole house to sing and dance. No one would tell me to be quiet!

    • Sophina: My first love is theater and I would love for people to see a trained actress who is just multi-faceted. I am not opposed to any medium but I always like to come back to theater. I would love to do other things on Broadway – like a play, but not necessarily a musical. Eventually I would like to start my own theater company here in Los Angeles putting on productions. That is something I am definitely working towards. I also want to be able to create opportunities for other people – whether through the theater company or giving people jobs and directing or producing. I definitely would like to be at the stage of my career where I can pick the projects that I'm passionate about and help others that might just be starting out in whatever capacity I can.

    • Sophina: You know, I was never trained for musical theater. It's something I just kind of stumbled into and I have been very fortunate to do it. My first job was in musical theater.

    • Sophina: (about working on a TV series) I feel that it's just artistically gratifying to know that you can just go all over the map you never know what's coming at you.

    • Sophina: (about what she likes to do to unwind) I go see a lot of theater, I love going out to eat and trying out new restaurants, and I'm a pretty awesome bowler.