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    • Sophina: On stage, you know, it's like, you are in charge of telling the story, you're performing it, that's when the audience is receiving it, so you have that immediate response. With television, it's been a challenge because you can tell a certain story, and you can do certain things, character development, put whatever it is into a scene, and then you kind of give it over to the post-production, and the editors. So much can change once you've released it. Even adding music underneath the scene can make it unfold in a completely [different] way than you envisioned it. That's been kind of a challenge because sometimes, depending on how it's cut together, it can come across very differently than how you delivered it, which was a very new thing for me, so I'm getting more used to it. You don't have kind of as much ownership as you do when you're doing something on stage. So that's been kind of a challenge. Just also, having something like this which is consistent now, it's been great as far as allowing me to just grow as an actor in general, playing this role, week after week after week. I'm very attached to her, and very attached to the stories and these characters and also my cast mates, the people. That hasn't really happened for me before in television. It's been great though. It's been really, really great.