Souichiro Hoshi

Souichiro Hoshi


5/30/1972, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan (hometown)

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Soichiro Hoshi, Hoshi Souichiro, Souichirou Hoshi
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Hoshi-san hails from the Fukushima prefecture of Japan, in the Touhoku area. An accomplished seiyuu, his prominent roles include Reki in .hack//Dusk, Kain in Lost Universe, Son Goku in Saiyuki, Weinberg in Code Geass, Kira Yamato in Gundan Seed, and Kazuki in Getbackers. He not only does voice…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Souichiro Hoshi voices both Xion in Shining Tears, and Souma in Shining Wind. This means, since Souma is the star of Shining Tears X Wind, and Zero (a form of Xion) also appears in Shining Tears X Wind, Hoshi does dual roles in the series, often interacting with himself.

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  • *sigh* Another best seiyuu ever

    One of the best jap seiyuu ever.I had not seen all his recent anime show where he voice act.However the only best voice work I saw was which never occur to me but now Saiyuki! Yeah he fit best as Son Goku! I should try and see his other best work.I hope that he continue his sucess through other jap voice acting skills of course.Altough I think that the credit area is missing something.His current voice work where he is right now.He is currently voicing in Digimon Saver as Masaru.Another best work ever.moreless
  • **sigh** Hoshi-sama...

    Ah, Hoshi-sama. Hoshi Souichirou-sama. 保志総一朗 in kanji. Hoshi-sama is my absolute favorite seiyuu of all time. I'm not sure if it's the voice, the types of characters he does (he often does my favorite characters), or what, but I love him to pieces. I would die if I ever got to meet him. He's pretty good looking, too.

    I love listening to him in interviews (whether I can understand them or not) and just speaking on stage. Especially in the Haruka Matsuri videos, when he messes up his lines! It's so amusing! And he's an AWESOME singer, too.

    I can't wait until Con this year, 'cuz I'm cosplaying as 3 of his characters.moreless