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  • Arguably, the last, true, vaudevillian shown on TV.

    You know how the TV promos always say, "This is the one show you'll be talking about at school/the water cooler/wherever?" Well, in the late 1960's, "The Soupy Sales Show" was second only to "Laugh-In", in that regard, during my school years. The show's adult humor often got by us kids (but, then, so did that of the Bugs Bunny cartoons; why do you think they don't air it on regular TV, anymore? intelligent humor doesn't mean anything these days), but that didn't stop us from laughing as hard as our parents at Soupy's antics!

    Find the uncensored tape where a naked babe gives Soupy an on-set birthday present he never forgot!

    As innovative as Jerry Lewis, and as spirited as the Marx Bros, Milton ("Soupy Sales") Supman will be missed.