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    • Spencer: (on the best advice from her father) My Dad always said that you can't stop on every-corner. You should always make sure you take care of yourself first and don't waste time with people who are going to bring you down. My Dad has given me so much advice for so many things. I really go to him for everything. We've had our moments, I mean what girl and father don't throughout life? But he's great, I love him so much.

    • Spencer: (on her name) I think it's a really cool name too. My Dad named me after his best friend in High School so it's kind of an honor to be named Spencer. I wouldn't want to be named anything else.

    • Spencer: (on her name being associated with a male name) I get that all the time. I think I really wanted to be an actress because I thought more girls should be named Spencer and that people would finally stop making fun of my name.

    • Spencer: (on having a famous name because of her father) Because I'm a girl and I used to have really short hair, I didn't really tell people unless they put the names together. I really wanted to make it on my own.

    • Spencer: (on wanting to be an actress) I've always been driven to do something satisfying and something that I loved because whatever you choose, you're going to be doing it for most of your life.

    • Spencer: (on her father, Kelsey Grammer) He's like my favorite Dad. Well, my only Dad. But he's doing much better thanks [following a heart attack over the summer], playing tennis and everything seems to be working out okay.

    • Spencer: (on how she would like to work on Greek) I work with almost everybody on the show, I've worked with them at least once, but I would love to do more scenes with Paul James [Calvin]. He's so much fun. I've done, like, one episode where we had maybe a couple of scenes where we talked toward each other a little bit. . . . I would love to have more scenes with him, and I would love to start working with Jake [McDorman, who plays Evan] again. I miss working with him. We don't have a lot of scenes this season, but maybe in the next cycle.

    • Spencer: (on being close to her Greek co-stars) I am. We all kind of live in the same neighborhood, but I have a son now. It just changes your life.

    • Spencer: (on the type of role of Ironside) It would be awesome to be a cop. But you don't have to worry about dying, being an actress. I'm just playing a cop. At some point, you're just playing doctors, lawyers, cops, other professions, 'cause I'm at that age, and I was just praying for cop.

    • Spencer: (on her Ironside co-star Blair Underwood) Just lovely. He treats you with respect and he makes you feel very special. I'm the only woman on the show: it's tough being in a boys club. He makes me feel like what I've been doing is really good.

    • Spencer: (on comparision between the set of Greek and Ironside) When you're dealing with really awful situations, you have to find the comedy. I even said that with Greek. In this show, everyone is lighthearted. There's a camaraderie and a mutual respect. If you're not having a good time, you're not making good television.

    • Spencer: (on her role in Ironside) This show is perfect for me. I wanted to get in touch with my darker side. I look forward to going to work with a serious group of actors and having role where I have to learn a new set of skills and do ride-alongs! I'm kind of a masochist in that way. I want to feel stuff.

    • Spencer: (on her character in Greek and her relationship with the character of Cassie) It's much like it has been — up and down. But this season, Casey is more focused on figuring out who she wants to be and whether Cappie will fit into that. That's her situation.

    • Spencer: (on her role in Greek having some inspiration in the character of Elle Woods of the movie Legally Blonde (2001)) I think it's completely inspired by that. You always root for Casey and it's fun when she gets to succeed, especially when it's with something completely ridiculous.

    • Spencer: (on acting) It's about bringing joy to people.

    • Spencer: (on being an actress) Ultimately, that's what we do. Make TV and hope people watch it.

    • Spencer: If you can't be real and honest, you're not showing the power of what acting is.

    • Spencer: I'm working on Greek right now and trying to get myself together.

    • Spencer: (pm acting in TV) It's a different industry for women then it is for men.

    • Spencer: Its so surreal to drive onto a studio lot for a show, not visiting my dad.

    • Spencer: (talking about her favorite shows) Entourage was brilliant.

    • Spencer: Who was I going to be when my dad wasn't around?

    • Spencer: (on her dad and acting) I was there watching him, and I loved it.

    • Spencer: (on her acting on As The World Turns) I was young and it was hilarious playing a doctor on a soap.

    • Spencer: Life is the greatest gift of all, and you have to roll with the punches.

    • Spencer:My dad always said that at auditions you should give them a moment of truth.

    • Spencer: (on her character Casey in Greek) She's only dating (Evan) because he represents all the things in long-term goals and a career.

    • Spencer: You never know what's gonna happen and I love that.

    • Spencer: Without my dad being who he is, I don't know if I would have gone into the entertainment business.

    • Spencer: (on her role in As The World Turns) It's going to be an interesting struggle.

    • Spencer: Everyone has different energy and works in a different way.

    • Spencer: You can't fake chemistry.

    • Spencer: The hardest part of it when you first start is the amount of material you go through per week, and getting used to the diolouge.

    • Spencer: The biggest thing you struggle with when you have a famous parent is your own identity as a person.