Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt


8/14/1983, Malibu, California

Birth Name

Spencer William Pratt


  • Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt host a sp...
  • Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag on The Hi...
  • Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag on The Hi...
  • The cast of The Hills Season 5.
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    • Spencer Pratt: (On Mary-Kate Olsen) I respect Mary Kate as a business-woman. I'm secretly jealous of her. I want my face on a lunchbox, too!

    • Spencer Pratt: My hustle is just too crazy. I'm trying to take over the world!

    • Spencer Pratt: I'm gonna run for governor in a few years. If Arnold Schwarzenegger can be the governor of California, Spencer Pratt can be the governor of California. Heidi's learning to be a first lady. She could be my Hillary Clinton!

    • Spencer Pratt: (On being a hustler) I'm thinking about ideas people might think are crazy, and I'm like, This world is crazy, where do you think we are? You want to tell me there's a planet, and there's a universe and gravity holding us down? It's like, okay, I'm crazy then.

    • Spencer Pratt: (About Heidi's first-single being released with his rapping on it) As her manager, I never would - over my dead body - release her single with my white rapper-boy flow on it. That was just me doing a joke in the studio - I never thought anyone would ever hear that, let alone on the radio! I was like 'Oh, I am K-Fed. I am K-Fed!'

    • Spencer Pratt: (On Lindsay Lohan's DUI incident) I think it is terrible that these girls are the role models for millions of girls growing up around the world, not even just America. They need to wake up and it's not just their lives. There are so many impressionable youths that are looking up to them like, 'Oh, that's so cool to get a DUI.' It's like the new thing. It's like no, it's terrible. People should be drinking their water, be healthy. And I feel bad for her.

    • Spencer Pratt: If people aren't hating on you, they don't care, and if they don't care, that means you're not doing anything right.

    • Spencer Pratt: I used to think marriage was the dumbest thing for guys who couldn't get laid.

    • Spencer Pratt: (On bad press) The bottom line is I'm making people react and ultimately not think about that we are in a war in Iraq and are trying to pick leaders.

    • Spencer Pratt: (On his future) I'm trying to be a billionaire before 30. I definitely want to go into politics later in my life. I plan to be governor, at least, and president if possible.

    • Spencer Pratt: (On making a name for himself) Like I said, I would do reality TV forever. It's so much cooler to have people come up to me and be like, 'Spencer Pratt!' and know my name, than to be Orlando Bloom, who's famous for being some pirate.

    • Spencer Pratt: (On girlfriend, Heidi's music video) It will blow people's minds very soon.

    • Spencer: (On hearing himself rap in the leaked version of "Body Language") Oh, I am K-Fed. I am K-Fed!