Spencer Rice

Spencer Rice


4/14/1963, Toronto, Canada

Birth Name

Spencer Nolan Rice



Also Known As

Spenny Rice, Spenny, Spencer Rice
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Spenny Rice was born in Toronto. Hes a stress case who sees life as a never ending struggle with himself and the world. At a young age his parents divorced and he went to live with his mother in California, where his mother was a recurring actress in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • One of the stars of the great reality show Kenny Vs Spenny. Spenny is an incredible sucker for punishment which makes him the perfact protagonist for kenny vs spenny.

    There can only be one Spenny! As proven in the episode where kenny tried to replace him. Unlike kenny hotz he plays the game with conviction and integrity. Sadly that rarely yeilds good results for him since kenny is always breaking or bending the rules. However it is this dynamic that makes the show so great. He may not win as many contests but i think putting up with kenny is a victory in itself. IF he would not act like such a spazz all the time(Like on Tom greens house tonight) he would be liked a lot more by the veiwers. But of course thats not as entertaining...moreless
  • It´s not Robin The Boy Wonder, It´s Spenny the Honest Loser.

    In television show there are memorable loosers such as Ralph Wiggum and Urkel, but Spencer Nolan Rice it´s one of kind looser because it shown that honesty sometimes doesnt pay in the most ironic way.

    I know it´s kind of sadistic but I guess for the fanns of the show we love to see how Spenny is humiliated almost every week thanks to Kenny, it would be fun to see this guy in other projects beyond one of the most talented loosers in television.

    Only time and hard work could let us know what Spenny would make to surprise his fans.moreless