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  • I love the Spice Girls!

    I really love the Spice Girls especially in 1997/8-2000, and now... They are one of the all-time greats for they were original... They were the ones who started Girl Power and they were known worldwide... They are so great... When I was younger I really loved Emma... Now, it's a tie between Emma and Mel C. I love pop music especially theirs... I don't really have any Spice Girls merchandise except for their albums and some of the Chupa Chups stickers... :lol: I wish I have almost all of the merchandise... :( In order from my most favorite to the least: Emma/Mel C., Geri, Victoria, and Mel B. I like all of them... :P It's a sad thing when Geri was the first one to leave the band and to think that she was like the leader of the Spice Girls and mostly because of her the Spice Girls got known and she was the one who introduced "Girl Power!" :( But now, they all have their solo careers... I wish that they'd reunite because I want to see them live in a concert together...