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    • The Spice Girls announced they were cutting their 2007/08 tour short, and would cancel planned shows in Australia, South Africa, Argentina and China due to "family and personal commitments".

    • The Spice Girls signed a deal with Victoria's Secret in 2007 to sell their hits album in the lingerie boutique and store's website. The store also sold a karaoke CD of the girls' hits.

    • The Spice Girls released Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) in November 2007, their first single to be released in seven years.

    • The Spice Girls released their greatest hits album on November 12, 2007.

    • Tickets for a London show for the Spice Girls' reunion tour in 2007 sold out online in only 38 seconds. After this happened, they added two extra nights to play in London.

    • The Spice Girls added an extra tour date to their reunion tour after fans begged them to visit their city. So the fans got to vote for the city on the Girls' official website, and the winner was declared "Spice City."

    • In a Rolling Stone readers' poll in 2007, the Spice Girls' Wannabe was ranked at #8 for the most annoying songs.

    • The Spice Girls wanted to reunite for 2007's Concert For Diana, which honored the late Princess, but due to scheduling, they could not make it.

    • On June 28, 2007, the Spice Girls announced plans for a reunion tour. They planned six concerts around the world. However, after high demands from fans, the Spice Girls extended their tour to 14 stops that would start at the end of 2007 and end at the beginning of 2008.

    • According to Geri Halliwell, Melanie B stopped the Spice Girls' reunion from happening in 2005.

    • The Spice Girls topped a poll for Yahoo! Music for the band people would like to see reunite the most.

    • The Spice Girls' first U.S TV special was UPN's Spice Girls: Too Much Is Never Enough, which featured high-spirited interviews, behind the scenes recording sessions, and a sneak peak at their movie.

    • While the Spice Girls promoted feminism, it was more like fun feminism.

    • Mel B was the one most down with the club scene, and knew what was going on in music.

    • Mel B could be the wildest and raunchiest of the Girls.

    • To Mel C, the Spices stand as a positive alternative to the negativity that music has seen in prior years to the Spice Girls.

    • Melanie C sees herself as the "plain one" of the group. She also says that the girls are "not beautiful, and that is something we're proud of."

    • Spice Girl Geri Halliwell posed in the same paper, Page Three" that Samantha Fox posed in.

    • Much of the Girl Power angle came from Geri.

    • To make herself seem more exotic, Geri would say that she was born on a plane or that her family kept sheep in a garden, or anything to set herself apart.

    • Victoria says that even though she is the "Posh" one, she is far from posh. But she says that she does love to shop.

    • While Emma looks totally sweet, defenseless, and innocent, she was the one who could cause the most trouble. And she is far from defenseless; she has a blue belt in Goju and taught the others the karate kicks in the video for "Say You'll Be There." As Melanie B puts it, "She gets away with murder."

    • The Girls all dressed in outfits that expressed their individualism and the image they wanted to project to the public.

    • With the exception of Posh Spice (Victoria Addams), all the girls in the group came from working class famalies.

    • When Nelson Mandela met the Girls, he called them his "heroes" and that it was "one of the greatest moments in my life."

    • Prince Harry and Prince Willian were big fans of the girls. In fact, at his boarding school, Prince Willian replaced the poster of Pamela Anerson Lee in his room with one of Emma, aka, Baby Spice.

    • Besides the message of "Girl Power!," "Going for it" was a very big Spice Girl's theme. In fact, "Girl Power" means girls can do what they want and should go for it.

    • Geri Halliwell was known as the flamboyant leader of the pack.

    • The girl's music is influenced by Madonna.

    • The Spice Girls' music is a mixture of hip-hop, reggae, rap, R&B, and soul updates of 70's funk.

    • When Ginger met Prince Charles, she pinched him on his bum.

    • The Spice Girls were the biggest pop sensation since the Beatles.

    • The Spice Girls' Rolling Stone issue was the best selling issue and had a very popular cover.

    • What "Girl Power" Means To Each Of The Girls

      Mel C: A girl can play soccer too.

      Emma: It is an equal relationship between men and women.

      Geri: It is making the most of what you have. (If you are short, think tall)

      Mel B: It's appreciating her mix raced roots.

      Victoria: It is finding your true self and some real friends.

    • When the Spice Girls were on SNL, they were very excited to meet Robert De Niro.

    • Birthdays:

      Geri "Ginger" Halliwell - August 6, 1972

      Melanie "Sporty" Chisholm - January 12, 1974

      Victoria "Posh" Addams - April 7, 1974

      Melanie "Scary" Brown - May 29, 1975

      Emma "Baby" Bunton - January 21, 1976

    • In an interview with Hello Magazine in March 2006, Geri Halliwell seemed to hint at possible plans for a Spice Girls' comeback when she told fans to "watch this space."

    • Geri Halliwell was originally labeled Sexy Spice but was renamed to Ginger Spice to present an image more suitable for younger children.

    • The movie Spiceworld did win an award - the Golden Raspberry for Worst Actress at the 1999 show.

    • The Spice Girls made their first US television debut on Saturday Night Live.

    • The girls signed with Simon Fuller of 19 Management. He is now best known as the creator of the immensely popular reality show American Idol.

    • The Spice Girl's first album Spice is the 13th biggest-selling album of all time in the U.K. with over three million copies sold. It also topped the charts for 15 weeks (non-consecutive), the most by a female group in the U.K.

    • The Spice Girls are the first act in Canadian history to have their first four singles debut at #1.

    • The movie Spice World broke the record for highest ever debut on Super Bowl weekend in the US, grossing $10,527,222 for box office sales. It held this position until 2004, being beaten by the movie The Butterfly Effect (starring Ashton Kutcher & Amy Smart).

    • Spice Girls have the highest international debut on the "Billboard Hot 100" at #5 with Say You'll Be There. (This record still holds to date.)

    • Spice Girls are the first (and only) female act to have their first 6 singles (Wannabe, Say You'll Be There, 2 Become 1, Who Do You Think You Are, Mama, Spice Up Your Life, and Too Much) make number one on the U.K. charts. (Their run was broken by Stop, which peaked at #2 in March of 1998.)

    • Their hit song Wannabe is the biggest selling single by an all female group.

    • The Spice Girls have made the highest ever annual earnings by an all female group in 1998 with a total income of $49 million.

    • The girls recieved many awards including four Brit Awards, three American Music Awards, three MTV Europe Music Awards, and three World Music Awards.

    • It was only a little before the group's first U.S tour that Geri Halliwell left the girls for a solo career.

    • Since 2002, there have been rumors that the girls would reunite.

    • The group made the movie Spice World in 1997.

    • The Spice Girls released two albums, Spice and Spice World with Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice.

    • Geri Estelle Halliwell was the "sexy Spice"; Melanie Janine Brown was the "scary Spice"; Victoria Adams was "the posh Spice"; Melanie Jayne Chisholm was "the sporty Spice"; Emma Lee Bunton was "the baby Spice."

    • Every member of Spice Girls was given a specific identity by the British press from the outset, and each label was as much an extension of their own personality as it was a marketing tool, since each name derived from their debut single and video, "Wannabe".

  • Quotes

    • Mel Chisolm (on the reunion of The Spice Girls in 2007) This is our final farewell. We wanted an opportunity to get together to really celebrate everything we've achieved and give a great big thank you to our fans. We just want to make this the best pop show that a British band has ever put on.

    • Mel Chisolm (on the reformed Spice Girls ) Mel B isn't as scary as she used to be, she's definitely mellowed somewhat. But she's still very feisty. Ginger is a little bit lighter now, her hair is a little bit more golden. Baby's always going to be the baby, she's the youngest. And Victoria is very posh.

    • Mel Chisholm: (on how she didn't want to join the Spice Girls reunion) The girls approached me and said they were getting together to do a world tour, a greatest hits album and a big goodbye, and I was like: 'Oh no.' It was the last thing I wanted to hear. All four of them had spoken about it and it was set in stone. They basically said if I wanted to do it great, but if I didn't want to do it then they were going to do it anyway. So I was like, 'Wow, what do I do?' I'd always said I'd never do it. But I didn't want to miss out and have regrets. I also didn't want to be that person that stopped it being a complete five - I was scared I'd be the villain. It was hard, so I didn't say yes immediately. I changed my mind every day - it was difficult.

    • Mel Chisholm: (on a Spice Girls reunion) I have had mixed feelings about a reunion but I am against it. My fear is that we could never have the same magic as we had all those years ago. You see a lot of bands reforming but I think the Spice Girls were unique and I don't want to ruin what we had.

    • Emma Bunton: (on A Spice Girls' reunion) Personally I'd love to. Even the other girls have said they'd like to do it. It would be amazing. It would be great.

    • Geri Halliwell: (on a Spice Girls' reunion) Victoria (Beckham) said maybe it's time to move on and I think she's got a point. Maybe it's better to keep the Spice Girls as a memory but never say never.

    • Geri Halliwell: Pop music is about fantasy, escaping from the real world.

    • Mel Chisholm: (When asked if they are good role models) We're quite normal and we've made the most of ourselves. We're not six-feet tall models with eating disorders.