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    • Spike Feresten wrote his senior biography and claimed that his future plans were "Music, and to be the first man on the Sun".

    • Spike Feresten grew up in West Bridgewater, MA and is a graduate from West Bridgewater High School (1982), where he played baseball for four years, and was also on the basketball team, the Drama club and the school band.

    • In an effort to find a new girlfriend, Spike once threw a huge party, renting the top floor of the Hollywood Holiday Inn and hiring the band Buckwheat Zydeco.

    • Spike's first name is really Michael. Spike is a nickname, given while he was a receptionist at SNL in the 1980s. It was because of his natural spiky hair.

    • Spike Feresten is credited with writing the Seinfeld episode The Little Kicks, which is the episode that reveals the character Elaine's strange dance moves.

    • Spike Feresten is sometimes credited as "Michael Feresten".

    • Spike has worked as a writer for The Simpsons. He is credited for writing the episode Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming.

    • Spike has worked as a writer for Saturday Night Live.

    • In the early 1990s, Spike worked as a writer for the Late Show with David Letterman.

    • Spike is a writer for the animated movie The Bee Movie (2007). In this movie his friend Jerry Seinfeld does the voice of the main character "Barry B. Benson".

    • Spike Feresten was part of the team that produced the Michael Richards post-Seinfeld series The Michael Richards Show.

    • Spike Feresten was the writer for the very popular and well known 1995 Seinfeld episode titled "The Soup Nazi."

    • Spike Feresten played a "folk singer" in the 1995 Pauly Shore movie Jury Duty.

    • In 1996, Spike Feresten was nominated for an Emmy Award, in the category "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing for a Comedy Series" for writing the Seinfeld episode The Soup Nazi, an episode inspired by an experience during his time writing for Late Night with David Letterman.

  • Quotes

    • Spike Feresten: (about the rumor that he threw a huge party to find a girlfriend) That is true! It was at the beginning of the last season of Seinfeld, and I had just broken up with someone maybe three or four months earlier. And I thought, "why don't I round up a new crop"? So me and my writer friends threw a gigantic party at the rotating restaurant atop a Holiday Inn, invited "Buckwheat Zydeco" to come play and it was an open door policy. We tacked pieces of paper to telephone poles and said, "Come on in." And I just happened to meet not only my girlfriend -- but my wife. I married the girl I met that night.

    • Spike Feresten: (about writing on the "Letterman" show) It's a lot of fun. You come in and read a couple newspapers and start your day with a nice appetizer of opening remarks. And during the day, you get these different writing assignments. We would write four to eight pages of jokes a day.

    • Spike: (Speaking about his show in its first season) FOX is really just letting us experiment, and they're being really good about it, and they're saying, "Go ahead and get out there and learn how to do the show, and figure out what the job is and what the show is."

    • Spike: (Speaking about the actual "Soup Nazi") And a lot of those scenes happened with me in them. I've been told "no soup for you." But it's more of a documentary; I'd like to take credit with the phrases, but even the Al Pacino line, that's something I heard a woman say to him: "You know, you look something like Al Pacino." And he said "get out," so, you know...

    • Spike Feresten: (On his upcoming Talk show with Spike Feresten) It's all the comedy you'd find in a talkshow, but without any of the talk. We've got a little real estate on Saturday night, and we want to have some fun.

    • Spike Feresten: (Speaking of FOX who is hosting his upcoming Talk show with Spike Feresten) It's very clear to me that because of Joan Rivers and Chevy Chase, they're rolling me out like a slow gas leak.

    • Spike Feresten: (About being compared to Conan O' Brien as a brand new talk-show host) Conan, at least, was the guy we knew who was going to replace Letterman. ... And me, I mean, I'm coming out of nowhere.

    • (About the half hour format of his new talk show)
      Spike Feresten: You get in, you get your laughs, and then you get out.

    • Spike Feresten: There is a place for me.
      (This was said by Spike after getting kicked out of his college dormatory for throwing light bulbs out the eighth-story window, then seeing a similar stunt being performed on the David Letterman show)

    • Spike Feresten: (About his talk show premiering on Fox in Sep 2006) We can't afford a band or sidekick. We're kind of silly, and we're not locked into any format.