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Stacey David

Stacey David

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  • About Stacey Raised in Idaho, Stacey David earned his reputation as the local hot-rodder by driving his 1930 5-window coupe to school every day. "It was a real hot rod . . . fast and dangerous!moreless

    Why don't have Trucks, or Gearz listed as shows?


    The Banshee project came about because everybody is getting sick and tired of watching all these wonderful, classic muscle cars go up in price, and the owners suddenly begin thinking their Camaro or Mustang, or whatever, is now a priceless artifact and just too valuable to drive. {more}


    The direction of the copperhead buildup was simple - to build a blindingly fast street truck that looked all nice and smooth and slick on the outside, like a show truck.


    Crazy Horse

    The purpose behind Crazy Horse is to show the awesome potential of building up an early Ford Bronco, and also to showcase some of the Bronco's unique history.


    Hairy Hauler

    The idea for the hairy Hauler had been bouncing around in my head for a long time. I knew I wanted to build a mid-'30s hot rod pick-up that captured all the excitement and insanity of the 60's "gasser" era.


    Sgt. ROCK

    One thing that I had been wanting to do for a long time - and had been getting a bunch of requests for over the years - was to build something really BIG....


    Wicked Willys

    When I sat down to design the Wicked Willys, the idea was basically to build a hard core rig that looked good and had a classic body style. A friend of mine had this old '55 wagon that I had been after for a few years, and after I managed to talk him out of it, that became the foundation for the Wicked Willys.


    In college at Boise State University, when Stacey was suppose to be studying Biology, he was instead learning performance driving at the local tracks and taking in all the information he could about the "Greats" like Richard Petty, Don Garlits, and Carroll Shelby. "I like it all! If it will run, I want to drive it." Stacey also became a student of the unique building techniques of George Barris, John Buttera and Darryl Starbird - to name a few. "I've always wanted something unique (to drive) that no one else had, and I found that the only way to get that was to build it."

    Stacey came to Nashville and opened his own custom shop called "The Rattletrap" that specialized in everything from engine building to custom paint jobs, suspension work, metal fabrication, and everything in between. It was here that he continued to build a reputation designing and building, as well as restoring cars and trucks or whatever else could be dragged in!

    In the late 1990s, Stacey had the opportunity to host a new show called TRUCKS! He jumped at the chance and hosted/produced the show for the next 8 years. Unlike most hosts of automotive programming, Stacey did all the designing and building himself. It quickly became obvious to the viewers that Stacey was more than a talking head-this guy knew what he was doing! His loyal fan base grew steadily over the years and made the show the most popular in Spike TV's weekend line up. In fact, the show maintained the highest viewership for automotive/how-to programming since the show first aired in 1998 and quickly became one of Spike TV's highest rated shows overall! Stacey is a member of the Goodguys Rod and Custom Association, Kustoms of America, as well as numerous other clubs and organizations. He also contributes various tech and how-to articles and does personal appearances at large-venue events when time allows.

    And don't tell Stacey we told you, but he's really an awesome musician. True to Stacey's passion, he played professionally for years as a way to raise money for his next automotive project-how's that for turning convention on its head!

    But even before that he was building blindingly fast go-karts with 440 snowmobile engines! However, it was Stacey's Dad's old flat fender Willys Jeep that ignited his passion for 4-wheel drive and off-roading that continues to this day.

    It's a wonder I'm still alive!" His intrigue for all things with a motor started way before that. Stacey helped restore his first car when he was 12 years old-it was his sister's 1963 VW bug.moreless
  • Stacey was a great host I am really sorry to see him go, and to be totally ownest I only like one of the current hosts The guy with the course voice, I can not stand I have stopped watching the show as much as I use toI wish you would bring Stacey backmoreless

    Bring Stacey Back!I do not like the new hosts, and I have stopped watching the show! The guy with the bald head is really annoying!! Stacy new his stuff, and he made the show worth watching! I don't understand why you would replace the original host with a couple of poor hosts! The intire show is no were near as informative as it use to be. I bought from Banks a set of headers because of Trucks. However, I will not be looking to the two new hosts as people to recommend products. Only one of them would I take as knowledgable1! Bring Stacey back, and I will come back!!! I check to see if he is on, and then I turn when he is not!! However, I have watched a few of his re-run shows!!!moreless