Stacey Farber

Stacey Farber


8/25/1987, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Stacey Anne Farber



Also Known As

Stacey Farber
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Stacey Anne Farber was born on August 25, 1987 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is best known for playing Eleanor "Ellie" Nash in the television series Degrassi: The Next Generation that airs on CTV in Canada and on The N in the US. Her hair color is red…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • A caring goth girl in the first few seasons who slowly turns into a gorgeous young women

    When Ellie first comes to Degrassi she is Ashley's only friend being both gothic. Ellie to be honest really didnt look as far in to the gothic stuff as Ashley but it kinda worked for her look. But as she got older she got a way from that look slowly but surely and it works for her now as a young mature women. She had a thing for Marco before she found out that he was gay and even after plus helped him out by acting as his girlfriend, even though that hurt her alot. She ev entually goes out with Sean, and then of course like everyone else she gets with everyonemoreless
  • Stacey is one of the top 5 actors on Degrassi!

    Stacey Farber is fabulous!! She is amazingly talented. The writers don\'t give her enough s/l\'s! She can rock any s/l she is given. Plus is gorgeous and not just plain old pretty but unique and that\'s rare =]

    She is way underused and underrated on Degrassi...she needs more! Her chemsitry with the actors and acctresses she workd with is off the charts. And she is the sweetest person ever, down to earth, and so funny!moreless