Stacey Q





11/30/1959 , Orange County, California

Birth Name

Stacey Lynn Swain




Stacey Q. is best known for her break out song "Two Of Hearts" which charted at number #3 on The Billboard Music Charts. The single was off her solo album "Better Than Heaven." Her luck grew with another smash single
"We Connect." Her Career began when she joined the band 'Q'. Originally called Q because of the James Bond's
character. So when Stacey joined the group they changed the name by adding the initials SS, which stood for Stacey Swain, to the title now know as SSQ. SSQ dropped their album "Playback" in 1983. Though not gaining enough popularity to make the charts, but the group became a cult classic, they released the singles, "Big Electronic Beat" and "Synthicide." The group also contributed the tracks "Tonight (We'll Make Love 'Til We Die)" and "Trash's Theme" to the soundtrack of the 1985 zombie flick The Return of the Living Dead. Soon Stacey went on to her own solo career, soon SSQ were Stacey Q.'s help in lauching her successful solo career. After the success of "Two Of Hearts" and "We Connect," she released another album entitled "Hard Machine" in 1988. The album produced minor hits such as "I Love You", "Don't Make A Fool Of Yourself," and "Favorite Things." Stacey began to work on another album entitled, "Night Like This" just like Hard Machine it stringed minor hits such as "Give You All My Love" and "HeartBeat."
In 1995 Stacey Realesed a Greatest Hits album which just like the last two albums it also produced a minor hit
"Too Hot For Love." The album also consistued of remixes. She soon began to fall into the whirlwind of teenage pop. But in 1997 she danced into the spotlight again with the album "Boomerang". This album was a far cry from dance, it consisted of acoustic rock and pop. It showed Stacey's faith in buhddism. The album produced a number #5 hit "Tenderness," but not in the US. No matter what the album she will always be the queen of the 80's pop.