Staci Keanan





6/6/1975 , Devon, Pennsylvania

Birth Name

Anastasia Sagorsky




Staci began at age 4 with fashion-show assignments and magazine work. At age 8, she moved to New York with her mother and sister, and balanced a modeling career with a budding theater career along with keeping a high scholastic record. She even won several prestigious scholastic awards including a City of New York essay contest and the National Language Arts Olympaid. As for her acting career, she branched from modeling to commercials, voice-overs and jingles and then to roles in mini-series and specials on TV, Staci won her first regular series with My Two Dads. She received both the Youth In Film Award and 16 magazines' Top TV Newcomer Award for her work on the series. In 1989, Staci made it to the big screen in the feature film, Lisa, She also starred in the 90's series "Step By Step", also starring in the movie "Stolen Poem" in 2004, and has a new movie "Hidden Secrets" as of 2007.