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  • Trivia

    • After the pilot episode of My Two Dads aired in 1987, the network contacted series creator Michael Jacobs and said that they did not like Staci in the role as the daughter. They wanted to replace her right away and had already seen hundreds of girls for the part, but Jacobs refused, so Staci remained in the cast for the show's entire three-year run.

    • Staci had three TV pilots to choose from in 1987. With her mother and sister's help, she ultimately chose My Two Dads. She even accepted it over a show that had already been picked up, which turned out to be a good choice, since that particular series was cancelled after only one year.

    • In the past, Staci has admitted that she had a good relationship with Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan, who played her fathers on My Two Dads, but she was especially close with Reiser. Staci didn't have a father figure in her life at that time, and because Evigan was already married and had his own children, she gravitated more toward Reiser, who was still a bachelor. They used to hang out together and go to the movies while filming the show.

    • On one entire wall of her dressing room for "My Two Dads" was a plea to save the sea otter.

    • On a table in her "My Two Dads" dressing room was a copy of Schweitzer's biography by Norman Cousins.

    • Her idols are Jack Nicholson, Katherine Hepburn, Glenn Close, and Albert Schweitzer.

    • She is a vegetarian because she can't stand the thought of animals being raised in confined spaces just to be slaughtered.

    • Staci insists that she is a feminist, but she isn't as passionate as her character Dana on "Step by Step" was.

    • She got the name Keanan when searching her genealogy to find a new name and eventually found "Kean" and made it into Keanan.

    • Her eye color is blue/hazel.

    • Her standing height is 5'3".

    • Staci has two pets - a golden retriever named Wally and a cat named Fatty. Her former cat was named Scarlet (after Scarlet O'Hara).

    • Her favorite book is Gone with the Wind.

    • She has a sister named Pilar.

    • Her parents' names are Jackie and Irv.

    • One of her most embarrassing moments on Step by Step was in "Party Animal" when she was sliding down the banister she fell on her hands and knees and hit her head on a guy's knee.

    • She says if she were ever trapped on a deserted island she'd bring two books, one of which would be Gone With the Wind, her all time favorite book.

    • She says she didn't always want to be an actress, she first wanted to be a waitress and then a marine biologist.

    • Her favorite ice cream in 1997 was Baskin & Robbins World Class Chocolate.

    • Her favorite sport is ice hockey.

    • Her favorite food is spaghetti.

    • At first she wanted to be called Staci Love, but her agent told her that it sounded like a stripper name so she chose Staci Keanan instead.

    • Tried out for My Two Dads but at first did not get the part because they thought she was too mature to play a 13 year old when she was 11 at the time but chose her anyway because she was the best out of all who auditioned.

    • She played Dana Foster, her character on Step By Step, on Boy Meets World.

    • Her original hair color is brown

    • Real name is Anastasia Sagorsky

  • Quotes

    • Staci: (about being recognized for her work as a child star) My mom was always like, "This is great! All these people want to say hi to you!" It's weird. It's definitely weird, you know? You're just not used to it, and...I don't know. You need to be gracious and appreciative, because these people are the reason why you have a job, and yet you don't know what to say. It's a weird situation. It still is, actually. I always think it's weird when people recognize me. I'm like, gosh, that was so long ago! I don't even know how they make the connection.

    • Staci:Look at yourself every once and a while and point out all the things about yourself that you like. Self-esteem - that's really the most important thing