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Stack Pierce (June 15, 1933) is an actor who prior to becoming an actor was once a boxer and then later on a pro baseball player.

His acting career mainly began in the early 1970s with TV and film roles such as the TV series, Arnie and Room 222 and films Night Call NursesHammer and Cool Breeze as well as many acting roles in television shows such as Mannix and Mission Impossible etc.

He has had prominent and reoccurring roles in a number of Leo Fong exploitation films as well as a few of Fred Williamson films. Amongt he films he appeared with Williamson were, Hammer in 1972, No way Back in 1976, in which he played the part of Bernie. Others included, The Big Score in 1983, The Messenger in 1986, Transformed in 2005.[3]

He also has some good scenes with Wings Hauser and Beverly Todd in the early 80s cult classic grindhouse film Vice Squad. He plays a garage owner whom Hauser heads for after escaping the cops.

To television audiences he may be familiar as Jake the alien commander in the 1980s Sci-Fi series V.[4]

He was once nominated for an NAACP Image Award for his role in the television series Quincy, M.E.: Sweet Land of Liberty.[5]

Since the late 1990s, his acting career has been scaled down and his last acting work was in 2005, a role in the Leo Fong filmTransformed[6] which also featured Fred Williamson, Ken Moreno and Tadashi Yamashita.[7] He had also directed some plays which included A Raisin in the SunMy Brothers' BloodIn My Father's House and One Last Look.[8]

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