Stacy Keibler





10/14/1979 , Baltimore, Maryland

Birth Name

Stacy Keibler




Born October 14, 1979 in Baltimore, Maryland, Stacy Keibler naturally gravitated toward physical activity such as dance from childhood. From the age of three she was involved in ballet, tap and jazz dance, her parents making a commitment to go as far as Stacy's talents would take her.

The taste for the spotlight while dancing soon spurred an interest in modeling and acting. With her good looks, it was not hard to land modeling gigs in conservative and not-so-conservative publications as she reached adulthood.

As her career continued to blossom, Stacy kept her options open by working as a physical therapist and studying Mass Communications at Towson University in Baltimore (and boasting a 3.7 GPA in the process). Before she was even 20 years old, she had landed her first big job: a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens football team. This led to huge exposure, including a role in the 1998 big-screen release Pecker, and gave her the confidence necessary to take another big step.

In 1999, Stacy entered and won the WCW Nitro Girl Search, instantly thrusting her into the sports entertainment world with her looks, basic acting skills and physical prowess to go on. With earlier roles that included "Skye," a member of the Nitro Girls and "Ms. Hancock," a secretary, Stacy emerged as a regular wrestling babe or "Diva." Not only did she enjoy all the extra publicity of being a star (the magazine photo shoots, interviews and star treatment), but she also landed tiny parts in 1999's Liberty Heights and 2001's Bubble Boy.

When the WCW was bought out, many thought the 5'11" blonde with legs that measure 41" would disappear, but Stacy loved the business and muscled her way onto the WWE stage. Now, she is bigger than ever and plays a prominent role in the WWE.

Fans voted Stacy to be the WWE 'Babe of the Year' in 2004. She currently appears on Smackdown. At this time Stacy is also using the dancing talents she had at in early age. She can be on the ABC hit show Dancing With the Stars, with her professional partner Tony.