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  • Help me help my Mom come back

    Family death has taken such a toll on my mom, Katrina took her mother and in 2010 her father in law and brother in law.. followed by her father on April 16 and her sister on April 17 in 2010. On January 23 2011 my dad passed away. My mother is the most loving person who hides her pain with laughter. The last time she wore a dress was on her wedding day. I'm 25 and have never seen her in a dress. She never leaves the house and only have one pair of shoes that must be 10 years old. She has Lupus and her hair is falling out so she is giving up. My mother was a Dancer on Bourbon St when she met my dad. Married 27 years. With help I think we can make her see she is still beautiful. I'm begging someone to help me get my mom back.
  • SHUT UP! <3

    I lovvvee What Not to Wear! It is the only one that I record!! I try to get my helpful hints there! Then TLC said the show was ENDING. I yelled out... O SHUT UP! I got rid of some clothes and kept my smaller ones, cause what if I loose weight? I have my closet full so am using another closet for my other clothes lol How will I get hints to throw them away or I demand you to stay until I figure this out!! I only want A closet full of clothes that go by "the rules" at least have a pretty 40 year old that's short and stocky LOL I want/NEED to learn more!!!!!!!! You don't want to see a grown lady cry do you??

    what am I going to do with Stacy and Clinton?? I am going to go cry now :(
  • hellpp!!

    my fiance Ally is an amazing outgoing person but she has an issue with her style. she always wears hand me downs and she has a hard time wearing clothes that are even the slightest bit revealing. she hates showing her arms and legs and she really needs help with her wardrobe. she just wears clothes that are way too big for her and to be honest they don't look too good on her either. severely in need of help.
  • A kind and real woman who shares her expertise with those who really need it.

    I think Stacy is actually one of the kindest people on the show. Sometimes she makes jokes that may seem a little harsh, but so does everyone else on the show because many of them are not spontaneous but scripted by professional writers. The jokes that are spontaneous and clearly her own are very funny and show her intelligence and wit. She's obviously the most intelligent person on the show. When someone is showing emotion, she is the first to show compassion, ask what is wrong, and work to rebuild the person's self-esteem. I think she rocks and I look forward to seeing her every week.

    Stacy has really come into her own on this show, appearing more confident being on air than when she started. But she has always been very comfortable with herself, not feeling she had to hide the gray in her hair but making it work. I love Stacy and it wouldn't be the same show without her.
  • I think she is a hoot!

    I do enjoy "What Not to Wear", more than I probably should given my devout hatred of Reality TV.

    But its a fun romp through New York stores without actually spending any of MY money, with a couple of people who really make viewing this show like a day- out with buddies.

    I enjoy Stacy's banter and really dry humour with Clinton and its obvious they work well together. But I also enjoy her way with the candidates. She doesn't pull any punches, but unlike most reality shows, her punches are never below the belt nor are they ever "felt" in any degree of meanness. I do like her style and think she gives good advice for the most part. I do not understand how they manage an entire shoot with some of the candidates though! Give me strength!

    If I have a criticism, its her red carpet commentary: she is not at ease, it is not her forte and it should probably not become her day job!
  • My favourtie fashion expert.

    Stacy London has it all: humor, intelligence, looks and of course, fasion! Any faithful follower of "What Not To Wear" can attest to that. Working with people who are not fashion savvy and often have attitude about changing their style, Stacy always knows when to throw in a good joke and has a very witty and sarcastic sense of humor. Paired up with Clinton Kelly they make the funniest and best fashion team on air! She also knows when not to joke and show the fashionless how beautiful they can really be. It is very obvious she believes in inner-beauty first. So do yourself a favour next time What Not To Wear is on the tube and watch the best fashionista around!
  • Stacy is a great role model and helps fashion victims all over the country! I love her so much I made a video from her show and posted it on YouTube.

    Stacy London is my hero. She is such a fun, funny, witty, stylish individual and real proof that a girl can get a lot out of how she presents herself. She's a true role model. I've learned so much from watching her show and I know a lot of other people have too. She really is making the world look better one fashion victim at a time. A true class act. Now if I could only have her to help me buy a new wardrobe, I'd be doing very well indeed!

    I love her so much I made a video from her show and posted it on YouTube.
  • Stacy is GORGEOUS not matter what she wears or does. Stacy and Clinton look terrific together. They are the best people you can have on TV. They know what they are doing. Stacy knows her job very well and STACY YOU GO GIRL! You ROCK.

    Stacy is a wonderful person and the advice she gives to people when at What Not To Wear show is great. I think she owns what she does and it is very inspiring to watch her. Also, her knowledge lets me know that I can trust her with my wardrobe. I do not think that anyone else can come close to her fashion expertize except her partner Clinton.