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  • I think she is a hoot!

    I do enjoy "What Not to Wear", more than I probably should given my devout hatred of Reality TV.

    But its a fun romp through New York stores without actually spending any of MY money, with a couple of people who really make viewing this show like a day- out with buddies.

    I enjoy Stacy's banter and really dry humour with Clinton and its obvious they work well together. But I also enjoy her way with the candidates. She doesn't pull any punches, but unlike most reality shows, her punches are never below the belt nor are they ever "felt" in any degree of meanness. I do like her style and think she gives good advice for the most part. I do not understand how they manage an entire shoot with some of the candidates though! Give me strength!

    If I have a criticism, its her red carpet commentary: she is not at ease, it is not her forte and it should probably not become her day job!