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  • A kind and real woman who shares her expertise with those who really need it.

    I think Stacy is actually one of the kindest people on the show. Sometimes she makes jokes that may seem a little harsh, but so does everyone else on the show because many of them are not spontaneous but scripted by professional writers. The jokes that are spontaneous and clearly her own are very funny and show her intelligence and wit. She's obviously the most intelligent person on the show. When someone is showing emotion, she is the first to show compassion, ask what is wrong, and work to rebuild the person's self-esteem. I think she rocks and I look forward to seeing her every week.

    Stacy has really come into her own on this show, appearing more confident being on air than when she started. But she has always been very comfortable with herself, not feeling she had to hide the gray in her hair but making it work. I love Stacy and it wouldn't be the same show without her.