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    • Some Advice from Stacy

      Stacy's biggest fashion pet peeve is anything Jennifer Lopez or Pink is wearing.

      A common fashion blunder:

      Clothes that don't fit properly. Whatever you are trying to hide by wearing a feed sack only looks worse than it actually is.

      A quick fashion fix:

      A great pair of high heels; a good shade of lipstick; a stiff drink.

      A personal fashion confession:

      I wore sweater dresses with tube socks in seventh grade, and I had a hair cut that made me look like Robert Smith — the lead singer of The Cure. No, it was not a pretty time in my life.

      Favorite rule of thumb:

      If it doesn't match anything you own, don't buy it. It will never match anything you own.

      Favorite accessory:

      Fantastic vintage jewelry; sunglasses; moisturizer; a cute boy styled by me.

      Favorite splurge item:

      Shoes from Christian Louboutin. A girl will just never truly know what it means to be a flirt without them. They are pure sex on a stiletto.

      Favorite budget item:

      Cetaphil for the face; Pantene for the hair. Why spend more when this is all you'll ever need?

      Favorite part of WNTW:

      Watching the participants when we take them shopping and putting them in their first outfit. They all look so surprised that they look so good — as if we expect any less.

      Funniest moment while filming WNTW:

      Watching a participant make antlers with her hair in front of a mirror. We are usually bubbly and chatty and always ready with a comeback, but we stood there completely dumbfounded.