Stacy Peralta





10/15/1957 , Los Angeles County, California

Birth Name

Stacy Douglas Peralta




Stacy Douglas Peralta was born October 15, 1957 in Los Angeles County, CA. He grew up on the water as a surfer, and soon after became a skater for the z-boys. When Stacy was 19 he was one of the world's best skaters. He also started the Powell-Peralta skateboard company. He started his directing and filming career when he started the "Bones Brigade" which featured skaters like Tony Hawk. In 1991, he quit the skateboarding career to take directing on full time. With skateboarding still on his mind, he started the documentary of "Dogtown and Z-boys," and he later wrote "The Lords of Dogtown" He recently directed "Riding Giants," which deals with the surfing culture. And he is now working on "The Baron Davis Project" about LA gangs (opening in 2007), and also "In Search of Captain Zero" which is about a surfer looking for his lifelong friend.(opening in 2008)