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    • Surfer: You grew up as a freckle-faced, long-blonde-haired surf and skate rat during the Roaring '70s. Do you feel lucky, punk?

      Stacy Peralta: I wouldn't trade that for anything. You know, I feel really fortunate to have been a skateboarder at a time when, quote, 'it didn't exist.' When we did it simply for the pure joy of it. I've had some really great years, I've accomplished a lot, but maybe the purest moment in my life was when I was surfing between the 11th and 12th grades, in the summer, when I was 17. I was surfing better than I ever had. I was getting to the point where I could pretty much do what I wanted to do on a surfboard. I could get up on a wave and position myself wherever I wanted to be. And the life I was living at that time was probably the purest me I have ever been.