Stan Kirsch





7/15/1968 , New York, New York, USA

Birth Name

Stanley Benjamin Kirsch




Stan Kirsch's first role was as a Campbell's soup kid at age 4. When his parents decided it would be better for him not to pursue a career as a child actor, Stan left the entertainment business behind to pursue an education. While in high school, Stan developed an interest in politics. After graduating magna cum laude from Duke University with a degree in Political Science, Stan was drawn back into acting. After a few stints on soaps, After School Movies, a children's show (Riders in the Sky) and various other projects, Stan landed the role of Richie on Highlander: The Series. He has been a guest star on Friends (The One With the Ick Factor), JAG (twice in different roles), First Monday (a reporter) and numerous other shows.

In 2004, Stan made his debut as a screenwriter, director and producer (Stan also appears in the film) with the comedy short Straight Eye: The Movie.

In late 2008, Stan founded his own acting school.

On Valentine's Day, 2009, Stan married actress Kristyn Green.