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  • A gifted clown with a knack for writing and directing.

    A comic genius and a witty fellow. Stan Laurel, the brains behind the antics of the greatest comedy duo of all time. It's amazing how he can play the fool on-camera, and be such a smart man off. Of course, some of his writing and acting was redundant and repetitive, but even a genius has his off periods. His expressive face really helped him out, mainly his wide smile and crying face. He also had a very distinct voice, which worked in perfect conjunction with his mannerisms. In short, a comic mastermind who, like Charlie Chaplin, was capable of almost anything.
  • well known for his partnership with Oliver Hardy, a great comedian from an early time


    Stan Laurel was born in 1890, it’s a shame that he and his well known partner Oliver
    Hardy (Oliver Norvell Hardy) didn’t reach such a proud age, like Hal Roach has reached.
    They might have lifted many unknown facts concerning the time when they played in films.
    Stan started in 1917. In \'\'A lucky dog\'\' he and Hardy appeared (just by accident) together
    On screen (the film is dated 1917, several clues, licence plates, imply that the film was made at least not before 1921. From 1926 on they appeared regular together, in some of their early films - all of them Hal-Roach-comedies- they didn-t have equal parts. Their older comedies were two reels or three reels long. Later they made also features, Stan worked as a writer and also as a producer. In the Fourties they made films by MGM. In their last film
    Atoll K they shaen for crying out.

    Stan was five times married. He lost his partner Oliver in 1957, Stan died in 1965. In Austria and Germany they are also known as \'\'Dick and Doof\'\', but true fans do not like that nick names.

  • Stan Laurel

    He was one of the best comedy duos that ever lived. He and Oliver Hardy are a real good duo just like Kenan and Kel are a good duo. It is real sad that they died Laurel and Hardy that is. They were real great comedy actors. RIP Stan Laurel 1890-1965.