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  • castle is my favorite show

    I love this show an Kate is my favorite
  • Love love love

    Stana Katic is an amazing woman and a wonderful actress
  • Send her to DC

    Katic wants to be the super star of the show. Unfortunately the show is named Castle. Her solution, go ot DC and be Big Cheese. My solution, send the ungrateful broad to DC and let the rest of us get used to Castle's new running mate.
  • Love her

    I love Stana Katic <3 I really do dfdhjfjdfhudcbnnuijf
  • Stana Changed Me.

    Before I discovered Stana, I was definitely a different person. Just the way she is inspired me to stop and take a look at myself. She is my role model and I admire her in every way. She is gorgeous and talented. Thank you, Stana.
  • wow...

    OMG. Stana Katic is...just...WOW. She is really pretty and an amazing actor. It's hard to believe that people like her can even exist. She is my heroine and it is amazing how many boys at my school think she's suuppeerrr hot!
  • Perfect.

    This human being is amazing, she couldn't be more stunning, beautiful or irresistible. Her acting is flawless and she should be winning every award that she is nominated for. She is my role model and my heroine, if anybody even tries to say anything bad about her then words will disappear from their mouth because their isn't a bad word to say about this woman. The way she flawlessly makes a crime program into a love story is beyond me, her relationship on screen with Nathan Fillion is the most adorable I have ever witnessed and I am proud to call myself a true Stanatic, this is a name for all of Stana Katic's followers because we adore her and worship her to the gound, to us meeting her would be better than winning the lottery, living or being royalty. I could go on for hours and hours about how beautiful, hot, gorgeous, stunning, pretty and flawless she is, but apparently that isn't normal so yeah..

  • She has the whole package!


    Stana Katic has blown my mind away ever since i first saw her on Castle. She is such a beautiful woman and not only that, she can act really really good as well. The chemistry between her and Nathan Fillion is on fire and that's what makes Castle such a good show. I didn't really know her from anything else then Castle but now i've watched literally everything she's been in. Even guest roles in shows that i don't watch. She is fluent in so many languages, i find that very hot. I hope Castle will stay on for a long time and by the ratings of the show i assume that will be the case. Also you should check her out in the movie For Lovers Only with Mark Polish. In black and white she may be even hotter.

  • Insanely hot.

    Yes, she is hot. Insanely hot. Unbelievably hot. She is definitely near the top of my list of most beautiful looking women on TV. I don't really have a list like that, maybe I should...well anyway, if I did she would be at the top.

    Hmm...let's see, her acting. It's great too. It doesn't really matter though when you look like this.

    When i'm watching Castle I can't even focus on what's going on because i'm too busy thinking about her. Just look at her face. Wow...perfection. I just want to make out with her for hours, or days. You know, while writing this i've decided that she has the most beautiful face i've ever seen. Seriously.

    When i'm watching her on TV, I actually say "oh my god..." out loud because of how amazing she looks.

    Yeah, I know...stereotypical man. Sorry, can't help it. Beautiful girls like this are the reason that we act like this.
  • I think this actress is someone to watch for.

    Never judge a Bond girl by the...well...Bond girl image!

    I think this actress has a good career ahead of her and I think...I certainly HOPE...that "Castle" is the shot in the arm it needs.

    I am a big believer in the viability of "Castle"; more each time I watch a rerun. And not only does Stana have a great character to play in "Det. Kate Beckett", but her on-screen rapport with author "Richard Castle", flawlessly portrayed by the inestimable Nathan Fillion, pretty much clinches this show. No slouch of an actress could hold up the other end of this pairing, and thankfully, Stana has the chops.

    The long term play between these characters, assuming the show is treated right and picked up long-term, will never get old. They seem to have a Booth-Bones thing going, and played right, will be dynamite. Loved the interview you can access from the Stana page BTW. Very good to see the same rapport off screen. Bodes well for the series...
  • A great actress who not only has great looks, but also knows how to use them!


    Stana Katic has been outstanding playing the lead female role in Castle. I've always enjoyed watching her act in her previous work, but her role in Castle really developed her acting bringing it to a whole new level. I am really looking forward to continuing to watch her in Castle and her future work.

  • SinceviewingCastlelatelyi think Stana isdefiantlysomeone to look out for with endless futuresuccessin film and TV im sure. Not only Ambitious, witty, talented and intelligent - but incredibly gorgeous with a uniquepresence brought to her rolls.


    Liking the castle show - I normallydon'tlike murder mystery shows,, the rest of the crew makes the show moremaintainable.

    Either way I think you could put Stana Katic in anything and she will make anything look good andwatch-able -lol.

    Kudos on the other roles so far.