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  • Insanely hot.

    Yes, she is hot. Insanely hot. Unbelievably hot. She is definitely near the top of my list of most beautiful looking women on TV. I don't really have a list like that, maybe I should...well anyway, if I did she would be at the top.

    Hmm...let's see, her acting. It's great too. It doesn't really matter though when you look like this.

    When i'm watching Castle I can't even focus on what's going on because i'm too busy thinking about her. Just look at her face. Wow...perfection. I just want to make out with her for hours, or days. You know, while writing this i've decided that she has the most beautiful face i've ever seen. Seriously.

    When i'm watching her on TV, I actually say "oh my god..." out loud because of how amazing she looks.

    Yeah, I know...stereotypical man. Sorry, can't help it. Beautiful girls like this are the reason that we act like this.