Stanley Fafara





9/20/1949 , San Francisco, California



Birth Name

Stanley Albert Fafara




In 1957, seven-year-old Stanley Fafara's mother took him to a casting call for a new television series about a suburban family entitled "Leave It To Beaver". He had been working in commercials and television westerns since the age of four, and was somewhat of an old hand at auditions. He earned the part of Whitey Whitney, one of the lead character's best buddies. The show quickly became a hit, giving the young actor a dazzling taste of Hollywood fame and money which he would never forget. Stanley enjoyed six years on the sitcom, and after the cancelation of "Leave It To Beaver" in 1963, Stanley attended North Hollywood High School. While there, he developed a liking for alcohol and soon learned how to use his fame to best advantage. He became friendly with the pop-rock band Paul Revere and the Raiders and reportedly moved in with the band for a time. He discovered hard drugs in the mid 1960s, an unfortunate obsession that would dog him for many years to come. For a while, at his parent's insistance, he attempted living with his sister in Jamica, where he tried his hand at painting. But he couldn't abstain from his drug use. He then returned to Los Angeles at age 22, where he married briefly. Then to support himself he started dealing illegal drugs. Even worse, later he was convicted of breaking into pharmacies and sentenced to a year in jail. After being incarcerated, Stanley tried his hand at being a roofer, waiter and janitor before descending back into drug use, particularly heroin. He was in-and-out of rehab centers for many years, eventually getting sober in 1995 but not before contracting hepatitis C. At the time of his death he had been housed in a single-room occupancy building in Portland's skid row, living off his Social Security disability check of $475.00 per month.