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  • Full of herself.

    Please stay away.
  • Star is a Star! The critics are just jealous haters. They need to get a more deserving target. Like some of the no talent celebs who are famous just for being famous! Star brings value, spark and flair to the set. She is a "value-added" component.

    Star is a STAR! She is an attorney, ex-district attorney, ex-legal consultant,& talk show host)!The critics attacked her weight. She lost the weight & is gorgeous & the critics attack her as being vain. Hell, my girl was vain when she was big! I loved Star on The View and love her even better on her own show. The View Crew stabbed Star in the back. They were deceptive $ disloyal (except for Elisabeth). She is The View's lost. I do wish Whoopi & Sherri success. Barbara & Joy surely need Whoopi, Sherri and Elizabeth on The View. They were good selections!
  • My name is Sherri Laster and I watched your show for the frist time on September 5th, 2007. I am an advid Court TV watcher and was very impressed when I show this show. Please read my little view on this day. Thank you very much.

    Comments: I watched your show today with Kerry. I had a cerical neck injury which required surgery in 1998 which followed with 2 more neck fushions with platting thus led to presciption addictions since. I wish I was Kerry today. I was a single mother of 4 wonderful children which are now grown and doing wonderful. I love them so much that at one point I requested to my Doctor to go inpatient to detox and I did for 2 weeks but when I left there was nothing and he prescribed the medication stating I would need it all my life. I too suffer from bladder infections and stress. I am a young Grandma and want to stop the madness. I remarried 2 years ago but we have no insurance and no means for me to get help. I would have jumped at the chance you offered Kerry. With one son who just joined the Army to fight for our Country a daughter expecting my 3rd grandbabby, 2 living at Hume Lake Christain Camp, I have alot to live for but the addiction is racking my body and worse my mind. I want free. I know I would have the support of my husband and the undying devotion from my children. I have to take so much now that if I miss a dose I'm insently throwing up, clumpsy, withdrawn. I know I want help and it would take at least 60 days, I am willing and not in denile at all. I know the medications run my life to keep me somewhat functional but I want to be back to Sherri. Is there room for anyone like me who understands and desires rehab. I hate what I have done to myself with this, even though medically given, I WANT FREE and I believe God can make a way for that to happen so I'm asking and reaching out. Thank you for reading, trust me I would be on the next flight out if Ihad the money and would be your success story but better a free loving and empathizing to help others who are like Kerry. Sincerely, Sherri Laster
  • Star graduated from American University in Washington, D.C., and earned her law degree at the University of Houston. Before she turned her eye to the entertainment industry, she was a former assistant district attorney in New York state.

    Star is the best!!! She may come as a know it all, but she is really the best. I am so happy that she will be getting her own daily talk show on Court TV. I will be watching her every day. Again, I am so happy that her show will be coming on very very soon!!! It will be on in September. It should be calles "The Star Jones-Reynolds Show". I miss her on The View though. Her opinions really kept a balance on the show though. She should come back though but she will be getting her own show.
  • A real miss know-it-all.

    She is a know it all, but atleast she went to law school. She at least has some education unlike other idiots on the show. Star was a b**ch, but she knew it. I never really liked her but could at least stand to watch her. She was a well informed person. She knew before being fired, wen to talk and not to. I wish she did not leave and tat elizabeth did. star jones is not as annoyhing as that elizabeht. star was more enjouyable before she lost weight and got married. Since then, fame has gotten to her head. Who wants to see ehr at an award show. She is one more reason not to watch. Now she is reduced to House Hunters. Guess thats what happens when you burn to many bridges.