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    • Star Jone's third book Satan's Sisters: A Novel Work of Fiction debuted in March of 2011.

    • In the September 2007 issue of Glamour, she revealed that she had gastric-bypass surgery in August of 2003.

    • She is one of AOL's Love Coaches.

    • Following her firing from ABC, Star urged visitors of her website to contact ABC with complaints about the situation.

    • She was ranked #1 on Women's Entertainment's list of Bridezillas in 2004.

    • Star used to work at McDonalds, first as a fry cook before being promoted to cashier.

    • She launched her own not-for-profit foundation The Starlet Fund in 2002. The foundation makes financial grants to individuals and organizations that are dedicated to the support and encouragement of women and girls in need.

    • Her ex-husband, Al Reynolds, proposed to her at court side during the 2004 NBA All-Star Game.

    • She appeared on the cover of the March 27, 2004 issue of TV Guide. She also appeared on the cover of the Ladies' Home Journal November 2001 issue.

    • Her wedding was sponsored by product placement.

    • She is portrayed by Kenan Thompson, and Tracy Morgan previously, in various sketches on Saturday Night Live.

    • She was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award from 1999-2006 for Outstanding Talk Show Host. She was nominated each year for The View.

    • She is 5'5" (1.65 m).

    • She is a fan of the New York Knicks.

    • When on The View, Star had a segment called Star's Heart-to-Heart.

    • Star Jones earned her B.A. degree in History & English at American University and a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the University of Houston Law Center.

    • On December 31, 2006, Star has had a special on TV One titled The Star Jones Reynolds Report discussing issues on black America.

    • From September 2004 to September 2005, Jones Reynolds was a red-carpet host for the E! television network, conducting interviews at awards shows. E! decided not to renew her contract.

    • On April 2, 2007 Star sat in for Larry King on Larry King Live while he was on vacation, interviewing Beyoncé Knowles.

    • Star Jones started her TV career on CourtTV.

    • Star hosted her own syndicated show in 1994 called Jones & Jury.

    • Star's second book Shine...a Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Journey to Finding Love was released January 6, 2006 and became another bestseller.

    • In September 1998, Star's first book You Have To Stand For Something, Or You'll Fall For Anything was released and received widespread critical acclaim and became a bestseller.

    • Her "Starlet" by Star Jones signature shoe line was launched in 2003 and is sold exclusively at Payless Shoesource.

    • She has her own "Star Jones" Signature Collection wig line.

    • Former spokesperson for Payless Shoes

    • Is a Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

    • Her brother-in-law is Danta Jones professional football player for the New Orleans Saints

    • Star received much criticism during the planning of her 2004 wedding to Al Scales Reynolds.

      Media and fans speculated the talk show host misused her 'star status' to garner freebies, discounts and special treatment to obtain the wedding of her dreams all which included a designer gown with a 27-foot veil and custom designed bridal bouquet embedded with Swarovski Crystals

    • Star is close friends with Holly Robinson Peete, Vivica A. Fox, Natalie Cole, and Lela Rochon Fuqua - all of whom were bridesmaids in her wedding. Vanessa Bell Calloway was also in the wedding as Star's Matron of Honor.

    • On June 27, 2006, after nine years as host Star Jones Reynolds announces to viewers she will not return to The View as a host after her contract expires. This announcement was allegedly a complete surprise not only to her fans but her co-hosts as well. Per Barbara Walters, the show's producer, Star's announcement was not expected until later in the week.

    • Star owns over 500 pairs of shoes!

  • Quotes

    • [on recording the audiobook for Satan's Sisters]

      Star Jones: I wrote all this sexy language. I just didn't realize I had to say them out of my mouth.

    • [on earning money for the American Heart Association on Celebrity Apprentice]

      Star Jones: I had my chest cut open. They disconnected my heart for 22 minutes. This was for real. This was not for ratings for me. It was a way for me to really showcase heart disease in this country.

    • [on her newest book, Satan's Sisters]

      Star Jones: I always wanted to write fiction. I already wrote two non-fiction bestsellers. Both came at different points in my life. Fiction gives you a wonderful freedom to take on your own demons and exorcise them. That was important to me.

    • Star Jones: You'll forgive me, but I'm from the South, so every adult Southern woman gets a 'Miss' in front of her name.

    • Star Jones: A woman without good friends is a sad woman indeed.

    • Star Jones: I've always thought about myself as an attractive person, and I do like to dress up and strut, but I've never focused on the size of my butt. I had a breast reduction, but only because my back hurt.

    • [on the divorce from her husband Al Reynolds]
      Star Jones: Several years ago I made an error in judgment by inviting the media into the most intimate area of my life. A month ago I filed for divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is a difficult time in anyone's life that requires privacy with one's thoughts. I have committed myself to handling this situation with dignity and grace and look forward to emerging from this period as a stronger and wiser woman.

    • Star Jones: You can have financial strength, professional strength, emotional strength, but for me without spiritual strength none of the rest of it matters.

    • [On her family]
      Star Jones: My grandparents [Clyde and Pauline Bennett] live in North Carolina. They had my mother, Shirley and 8 other daughters [aunts: Pearl (deceased), Elizabeth, Maxine, Evelyn, Doris, Nancy, Betty and Evangeline]. My mother and my father, James Byard, live in Maryland as does my sister, Sheila, and her two sons: Terrell and Tyson. I'm married to Al Scales Reynolds who is originally from Virginia. Al's parents, Ada and Randolph (deceased) Reynolds had 5 additional children [Edward, Edwin, Ed, Gwendolyn and Gwedette] who live in New Jersey, Virginia and North Carolina with a combined total of 11 children. The Bennett/Jones/Byard/Reynolds clan is huge!

    • [On how she broke into television]
      Star Jones: As you can see, my break came as a "fluke", so I may not be the one to ask. That said, let me suggest this: Get yourself a specialty niche. The law is mine. I have something to offer that made me special and I created a way to make that specialty work on television. I have spoken to Meredith about this as she is the true journalist and she suggests that you work on your writing and try to intern as much as possible. Recognize that you will not make money in the beginning, but all things worth having are worth working for.

    • [Why does she think she's a target for the tabloids?]
      Star Jones: I'm not sure. I mean now I honestly understand people have their jobs and that's their job. It still doesn't take away from it being hurtful but I think also I have this tendency to be a little loud and I'm up front. I'm definitely up front.

    • Star Jones: My greatest, greatest job was to walk into that courtroom and say, Starlet Jones on behalf of the people of the state of New York. It meant the world to me.

    • [Has she always been a person of faith?]
      Star Jones: Always a person of faith but, you know, if I'm honest about it, I think I bought into the hype. I think for a couple of years I was believing that I was doing it all on my own and I wasn't. Sometimes when, you know, God tries to correct you in private and if you don't catch it he'll correct you in public.

    • [On her wedding]
      Star Jones: Yes, I enjoyed planning the wedding of my dreams, marrying the man of my dreams. But I take responsibility 100 percent for enjoying celebrity a bit too much. I screwed up. It's intoxicating. I sucked it into my lungs and let it get into my bloodstream. Let's put it like this: Now I've had a transfusion.

    • [On after leaving The View]
      Star Jones: I needed to go away for a bit. I also needed to acknowledge that I had lost the immediate connection that I had with my audience.

    • Star Jones: (Star announced live on air she was leaving The View): I feel like this is the right time to tell you the show is moving in another direction for its 10th season and I will not be returning as co-host next year.